Evening Thread 10--10-2019


Let’s kick off the evening with my favourite thing, POLLS!

Do petit pois (peas) count as one of your 5 a day?

  • Yes
  • No

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  • I like to scoop spoonfuls of coleslaw onto the top of my pizza sometimes, slice by slice just before I pop it in my mouth (otherwise it would cool down and soggify the pizza
  • I don’t like this and think it is wrong
  • I haven’t tried this before but it sounds delicious and I will try it soon, thanks!

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I really wish I had some coleslaw and salad to go with my pizza.

What are you upto and what are you eating, dear friends?

Ps. Thanks for being kind to me yesterday :kissing_closed_eyes: xxx


Can we PLEASE change the emojis back.
These ones are so awful.

  • Change them back! Like they were in the good old days when we used to play in the street.
  • I like these hideous emojis

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This one any better😚


Yes! But it doesn’t always work.

Dang let me post dis


That little kiss face is SO much cuter.

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Well in that case🤷🏻‍♂️

Cooking up some chilli beef tacos right now. Gonna eat them, drink a beer or two, watch Gilmore Girls and try and stave off the back to work dread.

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At work until 8:30.

In the end I gave the work to update the toilet/cloakroom to my brother-in-law mainly as I knew they were struggling a bit financially, and me not giving him the work whilst waiting nearly two months for the quote seemed a bit petty and I’m not petty and I hate holding grudges.

He’s now finished and has sent me a couple of photos, look pretty great I must say. But I want to see it for real.

Still working, mess of a day in the rain. Very tired, 3 more hours to go. Just want to go home and drink beer.

Glad it’s finally sorted! You never had any reason to feel bad x you’re a good person x

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Heatwave is over, mate. Its cold out. I’m wearing pillows on my feet and I’m under a blanket. Your spread will be fine!



Got some grand plans tonight for chai and a mince pie. No doubt this will get scuppered by R not going to sleep for ages. Wish me luck.

:crossed_fingers: For a nice relaxing evening of chai and pie x


I have chai hopes your plans will be successful.


so eh, i’m meeting the ex for a chat shortly. this has been called for because we’ve been having one too many dalliances of late and need to sort whatever we need to sort.
hmmmmmmm :grimacing::thinking:


I might watch that when I get in, although the last series really started going downhill.

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Coleslaw and chips for me please gnomey

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Excellent pizza side dish choices!