Evening thread 16-10-19

Evening all

Just about to head home. The sky is looking lovely but you can’t really tell from this picture

Plans: get home, have a roast for dinner, sort out my plans for Saturday (cooking for 12 people for a Foodbank fundraiser).

Really fancy a snack.

What are you up to?


checks watch but…its wednesday.

idk man, some sort of soup again and then gym. don’t think there’s any sport on tonight :frowning:

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Roast day in the work canteen for me. Don’t have it, obviously.

Used these interdental teeth cleaner things for the first time there and did NOT enjoy the experience.

Think we’re getting a takeaway. I’ll see what ol ma Dr Mrs Epimer wants.


My kind of person.

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Brazen, I know (braise-n?)

It’s because Mrs CCB’s parents are here (or at least, in a caravan up the coast) and they offered to come over and cook.

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Semi sorted the gas saga. Erroneous Transfer that’s been superceded by the billing department fucking up apparently. Great work lads. Mum came up for a coffee, chat and a cuddle with kiddo. Been Aldi too. Pretty productive day.

Almost bedtime for kiddo. Just waiting for the clangers to finish. Prepped the bits for the curry I’m making for tea already, so just gotta assemble that in a while. Got some beers in as well.

Working until 8:30 :frowning:
But I’m going to watch last nights episode of The Circle, as I went to bed early last night with a horrible headache. No one else is here and I’m only manning the phones.

I think we’ve got some kind of pie and mash when I get home at 9. Then I’ll be watching tonights episode of The Circle.

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  • having a takeaway ripped away from you at the last moment
  • stepping on an upturned plug

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Mate, what happened?

Necessary rest day from the gym so I’m going to the cinema. Is Judy any good?

Burgers for tea

Reading some nuclear war theory. My professor has written a paper outlining why he thinks major nuclear apocalypse is inevitable basically due to human error/mistakes, since no country would do it on purpose.
Its going to be a tough day on Friday telling him this isn’t a good paper.

Think of making Gado gado

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a takeaway is worth at least 2 plug steps


I mean it feels close to inevitable over a long enough period

steps on two plugs, grabs takeaway, hobbles out of room high fiving everyone


I got home like 20 minutes ago and have just been warming myself on the radiator ever since

Does it? To me mutually assured destruction, environment/economic collapse, environmental and moral decay mean nuclear states wouldn’t get to that point. And countries doing it to smaller countries like the US to idk Pakistan, I just can’t see the positives ever outweighing the risks of retaliation or smaller countries causing enough of a threat to overrule protest internally.
This guy seems to think it’s an irrational act or accident that’ll do it, but doesn’t even mention non state actors/terrorists which I find most interesting since they wouldn’t have to win a PR war or have a recognisable base to retaliate against but there we go

this time of year makes baths even better!

Yes although my partner, who is clearly wrong in many ways, will have baths all year round whatever the weather.