Evening thread 21/7/22

It’s evening. Post in here

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Hey Froglet,

I’ve been enjoying looking at your cardigan in the knitting thread, looks ace :ok_hand:

I’m trying to do something productive with my evening so I’m fitting some blackout blinds in the nursery-to-be.

There’s a hell of a lot to do and not much time so I’m thinking I’m gonna have to miss out on visions festival this weekend :frowning: might still go to the dog show though.


I’m in bed by the way
Not sleeping just having a little lie down

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Evening. It’s my Friday today, so that’s nice. Going to clean the bathroom in a bit then catch-up with some motorsport. That’s it I think.

Alright? Had a hectic day at work and then a hectic evening at home clearing out some cupboards ahead of moving. Very tired and grumpy now. Had quiche, hash browns and beans for tea, now got some chocolate orange minis. Be surprised if I’m awake past 10 tbh.


Had one of those Indian takeaway box things from M+S for tea. Butter chicken, Bombay aloo, bhajis and rice. Got some pakora and naan to go with it too.

Wife has gone out for drinks/food with folk from work as it’s the last day of term. I’m awaiting instruction to go and pick her up at some point.

Just watching this and that on YouTube in the meantime.

i’ve only just realised that it’s 8 o’clock and i’m still working

suppose i’d better make some tea

Hiya! Got quite a lot done at work so feeling a bit less frazzled. Have come upstairs to try and do some more writing, but I will probably end up browsing online shops and playing catan/dominion instead

Juat finished a tour, home by 9 ish, do a very late bedtime then I guess go to sleep myself. Would love some dinner but idk, no noodle accompaniments in and i can’t face another bread based meal.

Have been feeling really anxious all day :grimacing::face_in_clouds:

@froglet hope you’re feeling ok today and your day was tolerable


Think my mum might have been on the wine


Evening all!

I made some courgette kofta with salad bits and pitta chips for tea. Mainly to use up some vegetables in the fridge but it turned out pretty well.

Currently watching the second last Strangerest Thing. I think Master of Puppets is about to kick in.

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bored drunk again, worst kinda drunk

Watching Priscilla queen of the desert for the first time, having a weird beer, being ignored by the cat

All is well

Went round my head teacher’s for end of term thing.

Had a lot of wine

Home now but back into school for training tomorrow. Uhoh.

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I’m struggling to imagine any of the HTs I’ve worked for inviting me round to their houses for wine.

Maybe I need to start wearing jumpsuits.


They pour the wine in large measures.

Which is why we go.

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Thank you. I’m OK, just a bit wiped. My day was OK but unproductive

On my way home from the big London. Saw Ed Balls at Holborn tube, was super tempted to say his name out loud, without even giving it any thought.