Evening thread 27/4/21

Post about your evenings in here. Unless there’s an evening thread already that I’ve missed?

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Hello! Today is payday and my Friday so a Chinese is on the way and I’m drinking a very nice wanker beer. Beyond tired.


Hey hey

Pasta bake almost ready, then it’s snooker, snoozing and sofa

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How quick is renewing a passport? I’ve got to renew my driving licence and i can only do it online with a valid passport. My passport expired in like 2009

My boyfriend is all like why haven’t you renewed your passport? Err because if i had renewed it i literally wouldn’t have used it once between then and the time it would have expired


Apparently @Gnometorious has something she’s excited to tell you, but she’s busy reading now.


My friend said she’d renewed hers in the space of a week or something online recently.

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So, so dead tired

and it’s only Tuesday

Somebody say something to give me a little pick me up and motivate me to continue existing for a bit longer please

@Gnometorious is excited about something and we’ll find out what it is when she finishes reading?


I might not need to wait for the passport to arrive in order to renew my driving licence anyway i guess? Apparently they use the photo from the passport on your licence so maybe i only need to have submitted it?

Not sure if it’s worth renewing my British passport though, if I’m going to renew one of my passports i should probably do the one that, you know, gives me freedom of movement within the EU.

Did some work.

Baking some bread.

Gonna watch the footie

I was going to say, 3 day weekend coming up. Then i remembered you’re not in England so err, motivate yourself with the thought that some of us will be having a lovely day off while you’re at work on Monday.

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They should invent a flour that doesnt get everywhere


Evening. Had a frozen pizza for tea tonight because the whole day has been a drag. It was rubbish.

Having a read just now, then I’ll have a look at the football and then watch Below Deck.

Need an early night.

We have Valborgsmässoafton this weekend so just a half day on Friday (might have to take the whole day though)

Your bank holiday Monday can fuck off mind you

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that’s the sound of me deflating :woozy_face:


What about if you have a massive windfall and have to wait to jet off to the Caribbean??

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It’s my Friday, payday and I too am drinking a wanker beer. I’m also tired. No Chinese for though, alas.

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omg my dad talks more and more the older he gets, went on for about half an hour when we were on the phone just now

think he’s a bit lonely and i wish i could be the conversation partner he needs but i’m terrible at long phonecalls