Evening Thread (29/05/18)

Good evening

What the deal…Food-wise? Drink-wise? Watching-wise?

Been napping. 6/10. Not napped for a good week or so, so was still good.

just been whistling some beach boys songs

Great day. Not left the sofa other than to help the TV with mobility and ferrying cups of tea and snacks. Lots of tummy cuddles too.

Having spag bol and a beer or 2. No idea what is in store tonight. Reckoning O is a nocturnal baby and we’ll have a full on night. She’s slept for 7hrs since 9.30 this morning and fed well, so we’ll see.


Drinking these. Off to see some bands in a few minutes.

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Alright chief? Loads of cheese for dinner cos it needs eating. Gonna polish off half a bottle of red. Will put a few episodes of the new Arrested Development away and feel bad about it following the NY Times piece :confused:

Evening chief.

I need to complete an online marking thing before Thursday and also cannot be bothered.

Had quite a productive day otherwise. Ate steak fajitas which were very good/10.

Very whistleable.

I had some instrumental versions of Beach Boys songs on a study play list but had to take them off because I would sing the words.

Have you seen Love and Mercy? probably one of my favourite films of recent years

nope, what’s that some kind of biopic?

Yes Paul Dano plays the young Brian and John Cusack the older version.

Also just woke up from a nap. Feeling pretty shocking, nauseous and woozy all day, not sure if I’m going to manage dinner. This is a disaster.

What’s up m9?

sounds good!

I can’t even remember the last film I watched, probably that big star wars one that one guy on DiS hates

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I want to be thinner but I also want to snack, which is more important?

My work mate casually dropped that he was going to Primavera today, I was like ‘Nggggnn gg’

Who is on tonight? Who you most looking forward to?

I’m not entirely sure, but my suspect is the codeine I’ve been taking that’s doing a sterling job of keeping my toothache at bay but…havent pooed since Sunday morning :grimacing: TMI


The Sea And Cake are on tonight. Loads of lads in Tortoise in the band so looking forward to them.

Cannot wait for Deerhunter, Breeders and The Internet. So many fucking bands doe.


Ny times piece? Is there nothing we can like anymore?

I’m making some fake cheesey pasta. Which will be awful… but I bought it so have to live with the consequences.

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oh no, eat some prunes/figs!

GWS laefs.


Oh pal that does not sound fun, forgot that was a side effect tbh. Can you balance them out with anything or is a drugs cocktail a bit of a no go?