evening thread 30-10-19

just found that I messaged a DiSer way back in May 2010 after adding them again just now

…clearly they unfriended me at some point :smile:

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also, pls tell me what I should buy for dinner on the way home

(can’t be pizza cos had one last night)

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Local Indian.


Taps watch


this is me, evidently. :smiley:

definitely didn’t defriend you - have a growing list of ignores/blocks, but you’re not part of that list

i don’t really do daily threads so have no idea on etiquette :crazy_face:


It annoys Laelfy if I go on about it too much tbf.

rule of thumb is daily thread till 6 on weekdays, evening thread after that. Daily thread all day on weekends. No idea how or why that happened and it doesn’t really matter tbh.


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like it matters a fuck


That’s what I said :slight_smile:

What’s funny is that I have a very clear memory of talking to a DiSer on Facebook - I was convinced it was you - who I messaged to ask if the site was down for them. They replied saying yes and that several other DiSers had messaged to ask them - was obvious that it had annoyed them and they deleted me fairly soon after.

However that definitely wasn’t you so fuck knows who it was!

Given the age of that message you may well have forgotten who I was - especially after I changed my name on there to be my legal name not my nickname - so I would quite understand if you deleted me a long time ago before we’d met!

Anyway, looking forward to your grand return to London (and eventually, to the good bit of London)


its possible I didn’t accept your request because I wasn’t really on dis at the time and maybe didn’t know who you were tbh. i’m glad we have corrected this in any case.

cheers mate, same. soaking my lungs in a solution daily to prepare myself for the pollutants.


Just went to the end of the road to get milk. Got milk. Also got two bags of ceunchy corn and am now on a corn bender.


I’ve eaten too much today

big table pizza?


Evening all. Just home.

What does everyone think of Alex Horne. And of Tim Key.

someone on here thinks I look like this man.

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  • 4 slices of butter toast
  • A peanut butter sandwich
  • A small bag of sweet chilli lentil curls
  • 2 American pancakes with sausage, bacon, fried egg and maple syrup

Bubble and squeak and egg for tea as well.


wow until I just googled I thought Tim Key was Tim Vine

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child’s play.

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There literally isn’t though, just you and Eric started getting huffy about it a few months back. Anyway…

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