Evening Thread (April 11th 2k18)


Long boring day at work, mastered some excel by doing lots of googling.

Gonna make veg in black bean sauce for tea. Probably have a nice relaxing Early Grey first.

Evenin’ Unlucky!

No idea what I’m having for dinner but I’m having a Peroni now after dragging my bass amp across town.

Either seeing ‘The Princess Bride’ later or going to a weird performance art night. Will see what the TV wants to do.

Having lasagne for tea and just having cuppa and watching the regional news. Just done a massive load of washing up as the TV is too lazy to do it. Early bed because I’ve just done another stupid day at work.

I have a Guinness in the fridge!

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I would prefer the Art thing, but am not yer TV

Enjoy the peroni. I am talking 2 weeks off the booze study for my next exam

Love some regional news, think I offended a colleague once when I classed the STV news as regional news.



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Evenin. Stirfry and then however many eps of masterchef i need to catch up on, then bed methinks. Hopefully no later than 10pm pls.

Wifers is doing some writing so I’m hanging out with this chump

watching Worst Cooks In America and wondering whether to go and buy some Wednesday beers.


Watch a bit of footyball, eat a bit of dinner, do a shower, bed.
Hi DiS!

Whats going in this stir fry? Had a 8/10 one last night with various veg, tofu, seaweed, red pepper sauce and edamame noodles.

Going to see Tiny Moving Parts then have a falafel on the way home.

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Hmm the fixtures this eve don’t look that appealing to me?

Hello :wave:
Feeling shit for no real reason :upside_down_face:
Probably just hide under a duvet all night :slight_smile:

Whats it looking at?

Agreed. TV is out for a bit though so I’ll watch it while submitting some expenses. Rock and roll!

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Duvet nights are best followed by duvet days imo.

Where’s the gig? What do they sound like?

Either something in the kitchen or just a ‘Nam flashback.

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