Evening Thread (April 11th 2k18)

It’s a monthly night and she’s friends with the organisers so we might end up there!

Will do! Sensible idea taking a break, will be doing the same myself in May.

Beautiful cat!

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Tofu and mushrooms n stuff, idk

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Not really my thing but enjoy!

Just had a nut roast with some greens.

Wor Lass is going to legs/ bums/ etc. so I’m wrestling a child on my own. I should try to do the online marking training I’ve been sent but I don’t think I have the mojo.

Back is agony
Work was awful
Kids be crazy
Fuck All Y’all

felt really sad at work. i miss this little guy terribly:

one of my housemate’s exes and his wife (who are in her Dungeons and Dragons group) have come over to eat with them before dogsitting while housemate and her bf go out. aside from the Dungeons and Dragons thing, apparently the ex’s wife is super intense and gets upset about ridiculous things (she has recently been ‘freaking out’ in case my housemate’s Dungeons and Dragons story overshadows hers? jesus FUCKING christ. how are people like this in their 20s).

absolutely cannot be bothered to socialise with intense weirdos I’ve not met properly.


Making a creamy prawn pasta thing abd having some wine. Might watch the last jedi

That is a lovely photo iPerv!


Fuck socialising, just try and out-weird them. Mind you, they sound pretty fucking weird.

not having a pop at all but might be that she has reasons to be intense and find some stuff hard to handle

Done some cycling now watching Jon Snow trying to get his head around Zuckbot.

Chilli for dinner, quite fancy a couple of whiskies too :face_with_monocle:

it is :slight_smile: doubt there’ll ever be another picture of me that shows such a pure happiness. ah, fuck, he was such a little legend.

Man, I’d love a wee dram

You not got anything in chief?

i try to be non-judgemental about my housemate and her devout Christian mates but it’s hard when they’re even weirder than my Countdown friends. last time they came over, my housemate hid my statue of David apron because, uh… I guess she thought they’d be horrified by a statue’s willy on an apron.

think i’m gonna wait for my housemate to go out and then put the apron somewhere very publicly

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Doing the whole no drinking on work nights thing, which I’m being rather successful at. But I’ve had such a shit week I’d love a beer of a whisky. Got a dunkleweisse in the fridge which would be lovely.

So I’m drinking a peppermint tea instead.


hi unlucky and etc

It appears to be national ‘only rota one member of staff on at your massively busy pub’ day