Evening thread? Evening thread.

I ordered takeaway from a new vegan place and had to do it over the phone because their website wouldn’t let me put in a delivery address. The guy on the phone asked me why I wasn’t ordering online and I said because it wouldn’t let me enter my delivery address. Then he started asking me a bunch of first level tech support questions about my experience with the website, then replicated the problem, then said he needed to hang up and call the web developer but he’d call me back and take the order.

He did call me back and take the order but said their manual system was also down, something about an Apple pay link (so far unsent by email or text) then took the delivery address and said it’ll be half an hour.

Is my food going to arrive

  • Oh yeah, definitely

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Steve Buscemi for every answer for me, please.

Evening/afternoon! Dog tried on the Mrs’ new lipstick earlier, nailed it imo. FFS.


Got 1,000 words to finish off this essay before tomorrow lunchtime. Not too much of a stretch which means I’ll procrastinate, dooming myself to pull another all nighter :+1:


Early carrie reel needed work


hi Eps, enjoy your takeaway when it arrives

Had a v busy day at work with some particularly grating cleaning/corona advice at the end of the day which is just a bit REALLY?? (with regards to children and schools and cleaning stuff)

anyway, babylon berlin and some oven dinner of sausages and croquettes, bought some wine on the way home but may stick to an aldi cornetto.

Off for a walk round t’park.

My feet have felt colder than normal recently. Wonder if it’s anything to do with my bad knee

Everything went right with work today which makes a nice change.

I’m making a rhubard crumble for dessert. There’s lots of it.


Family pub quiz once the silly baby is asleep. Every week two of my brothers cheat but after doing too well in week 1 they try to calibrate their cheating so it isn’t too obvious. Everyone knows it but they’re too volatile for it to be addressed so we all have to put up with this weird bragging they do. They’ve been the google equivalent of QI klaxoned a couple of times but still insist on the charade. Adding a slightly draining tension tbh. Anyway, my sister and her husband reckon tonight’s is ungoogleable.

Riveting post, eh? Forgive me, I’m feeding the baby while she jabs her horrible nails into my arm. She’s bruised me more than once, the shit!

Circulation issues by the sound of it. Mrs F has ‘cold’ pains in her knees and feet as a result of it.

Strong PotW contender if we still did it


Reckon it’s because I’m walking less?

I originally thought it was because I’d overdone planks and yoga until my feet started getting cold

What happened to potw

Yeah could well be. She suffers, well suffered up until recently, from agoraphobia and it’s because she doesn’t get enough walking/exercise in. Maybe try an extra half hour on your walk or some steps or something see if that helps.

Have to decide which film(s) to watch.

I’ve about 30 minutes of The Life and Death Of Colonel Blimp and then have to see which to watch out of:

Torn Curtain (a Hitchcock film I haven’t seen before)

Ladies In Black, Prince Avalanche (both on Netflix)

Leave No Trace or A Good Woman Is Hard To Find (both on Sky).

It arrived but they didn’t knock on the door or call anyone so I looked out the window to see a stranger standing in the driveway so I rushed down and apologised for not hearing him knock and he said “oh I didn’t knock”

I… ok


Feel like poop mentally and physically. Had a quite productive morning then not done much since. Slow cooked some pork carnitas though which is crisping up in the oven as we speak to go in soft tacos. No beer in the house either :disappointed_relieved:

This new place really are trying to get a hold of this delivery lark aren’t they :laughing:

I was so baffled by the whole experience that I couldn’t tell you how the food was. Don’t remember.