Evening thread featuring beans

Good evening!

Would you eat these beans?

They were already looking way past their best when I bought them…

  • Yes of course, it’s just a bit of discolouration, don’t waste food!
  • Mmm delicious visible signs of the onset of rot, no thanks!

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What are you upto tonight?
What are you having for dinner?

don’t like those kind of beans sorry

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Idiot dickhead people in my neighbourhood have been setting off fireworks constantly since half three this afternoon and it’s got me right on edge. Wish they would stoooop.

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Being vaguely bonfirey with baked potatoes , sausages (porky whites, they are excellent sausages) and baked beans

Will hopefully watch a film with my son after tea, daughter is on a late shift

Currently “cooking” (its all getting done in the oven apart from the beans) , having some beers and listening to a Motown funk compilation


I’d pick out the worst brown ones and eat the rest.




Had an absolutely idiot day. Can’t wait until tomorrow night when I can just wine it up.

Having chips and veg burger for tea, prob some peas for veg.



  • Heinz
  • Branston
  • Supermarket own brand
  • Whatever is on offer

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took tomorrow off so long weekend.

gonna drink some wine, get stoned and listen to records :+1: :relaxed:


not really into green beanz tbqh

Takes about five minutes to chew a mouthful

I’m off tomorrow too!

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i managed to buy a pot noodle, take it home, prepare it and it’s only when i’ve gone to eat it that i have realised it is in fact a pot of rice



I would chop them down the middle and fry them up, yes.

blaze it :wine_glass:

I already did :crazy_face:

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:upside_down_face: :+1: :grinning:

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guess it depends how big your mouth is

or does it? bigger mouth = more teeth = higher chewing capacity

wonder if anyone has studied this

I’m happy to leave it as ‘they’re not very enjoyable’


Oh is it bonfire night? That would explain it, completely passed me by this year. Enjoying the view out the window though, nice to have something different going on

Should work a bit more, leftover pulled chicken for dinner, then maybe some classic action film to fill the hours

Oh and put in my AQOS answers EARLY!! :open_mouth: