Evening thread ffs

Come on guys, this is really late… where have you all been?

You know how these things work by now, go ahead and knock yourselves out.

don’t think I’ll ever make an evening thread again cos I once made one at about 17:30 and got ridiculed :frowning:

(only a joke sad face really…I’m open to ridicule!)

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36 mins til the end of my shift. toilets are broken so we have to walk to wetherspoons and back. gonna try to hold out til then but don’t fancy my chances if i’m honest. i’ve drunk an absurd amount of coffee and water today.

misery box --> zelda --> bed

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Just had some homemade cuzza, going to watch the first half of the football then got to play 6 a side at 9:15 ffs

Napping. Listening to Adam Buxton in bed now. Gonna get up and eat soon.

What kinda cuzza did you make? A rating out of 10 would also be welcome.

hi fl, I was just starting a thread as this was posted.

I went to the shop to buy beans (forgot to get them when I went out 30 minutes earlier) in the middle of making some pseudo-mexican slop and the shopkeeper started ranting at me about how ‘we enter this life miserable and leave it the same way’

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woo still got a bag of haggis crisps for tonight! :smiley:


Mowed the lawn when I got in, crazily productive stuff. Just popped little one down fer bed, feeling pretty bombed myself so I’m gonna chill for half an hour, then think about making risotto.

Mini stack is 2 on Friday. Where the fuck has that time gone?


Evening. Got some jobs to do then gonna sit down and have:

  • A beer
  • A Magnum
  • A hot chocolate
  • A herbal tea

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Glad you are starting to feel better gp :slight_smile:

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You can change the notifications dead easy, by changing the thing at the bottom to tracking.


What a day. Got up at 6:30 after having been proofreading until about midnight last night. Did the very last proof readthrough in like ten minutes with the designer on the phone, and he sent it to print by 11am. I finished up some things at work, went home and slept for three hours. Phew!

About to have some pizza and maybe a beer/wine with my dad, possibly on the balcony.


Cupboard cuz. Roasted but nut and sweet pot in loads of garam masala, then onion, garlic, chilli and potato with tomatoes and coconut milk.

Ended up pretty good but had to cook it pretty quick so didn’t have the depth you want, 7.5/10 cuz

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Can’t remember if I’ve ever had a magnum, they looked lovely in all the adverts in the 1990s though


I bet proofreading is surprisingly exhausting. Like concentrating on every single word in something.

evening FL and others.

just been sat on the garage roof in the sunshine (no garden). very good. my back is playing up so I’m gonna spend the night rolling back and forward on a foam roller. had pasta and peas. nothing of interest.

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Some raspberry flavoured ones have appeared in the freezer, think they must have been on offer. Pretty nice.


I did the lawn today too. Lawn & Kozelek in the sunshine. Pretty much a perfect end to the morning.

Happy birthday stack2.0!