Evening thread for eric

You know the drill guys - how were your days? What’s for dinner? Plans? Any other business?

Bonus question, how under control is your Christmas shopping? Personally I have increasing levels of PANIC.


Day was miserable. In the pub next to the fire now. Pasta and pesto for dinner. Haven’t started Christmas shopping, but am off to Fortnum & Mason tomorrow after work so that should take care of a few. Marmalade all round. Only the engagement ring to buy, then…

evening FL, thanks for doing the honours. bit tirked. got a couple hours work to do, then masterchef. not sure what’s for tea, escalopes maybe.

i’ve managed to get my christmas shopping down to the bare minimum levels of effort so i’m not worried. will do it on dec 19th on amazon.

tirked ffs


Evening @anon89873996 and etc. Good solid OP, that.

Day was fine but uneventful. Might see some ATDs this evening and before that have some leftover tagine mmm.

Christmas shopping:

  • Mrs CCB: :+1:
  • relatives: :man_shrugging: / :slight_smile:
  • Santee: :grimacing:
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Evening FL et al

Still in work sorting out the quiz. Will have some Boursin and crackers later followed by masterchef. Not done any of my Christmas shopping and don’t have the motivation to do it.

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Good luck with the engagement ring and subsequent proposal :crossed_fingers:

I realised this afternoon that my scrubbing brush is over ten years old. Going to treat myself to a new one tomorrow. Excitement levels: far too high really

Evening, flashinglight et everyone


Having a child’s dinner of waffles, fish fingers and beans





Gonna go to the shop soon as I don’t have much dinner-ish food but I would have to put on some normal clothes rather than this Christmas Elf costume so I’m putting it off for a bit still.

Bonus answer, I have bought some kick-ass presents for the two young children in my life, still need to get something for both of my parents and both of my siblings.

wearing my new posture correcting back brace :+1:


Day was intense. Big visit from a director. Went really well. Had a half day so left at 1 and slept for a couple of hours. My parents are visiting for the evening so we’ve taken them to my favourite pub in winch. Having a pint and burger. Lovely. Day off tomorrow too.

But do you though? Do you really?


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DiSmas secret santa: ordered
everything else: not thought about

having sweet potatoes & chilli which i should probably make a start on because i’m starving

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Have you sorted out your unruly staff yet?

Just realised I forgot once again to buy hot chocolate while I was out again, annoyed at myself.

Had a really cool class earlier, learnt various new soldering techniques and now my mountain pendant has a slightly wonky loop to hang from:

Just polishing to go now!

Missed a bus on the way home due to absent mindedness, considering not doing the follow up course I was going to sign up for because the stress of bus travel is doing me in :frowning:

My mum kindly offered to pick up R from his dad on her way home, but he was very late dropping him off, so she is naturally going to be annoyed with me all evening.


Just made my first ever kedgeree, what a bloody meal it is. bunged a bit of extra chilli in to try to clear out my cold


Beer and Spanish food for me!

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Sort of. Getting there, but they flair up every now and again. Standard thing of not being managed when they should’ve been and allowed to get away with more than they should do. They’re not used to this though. Fun fun fun