Evening thread for ghostpony


The rest of you can contribute as well, I suppose.



everyone welcome plz


just left a passive aggressive note in the kitchen :open_mouth:


Hey everyone! About to cut my hair and trim my beard. Check out the ridiculous Flaming Lips t-shirt I got in the post!


pizza and crisps for tea

tidying up my apartment and chucking stuff out, having a big old sort out


what’s up shrewbz?


Happy evening ghostpony!


just my housemates leaving dirty dishes everywhere. on all the work surfaces and they’ve been in the sink for days and now they’re all oily and impossible to clean
think the culprit is on holiday now so i have time to take it down if i change my mind


Alright champions of Wednesday!

Had an insanely shit day at work. Effectively found out that my food counterpart is stepping down and I’m going to have to run a very busy shop and manage 45 staff on my own for the foreseeable. So been to the pub and had a couple of decent pints to commiserate.

Cooking up fajitas and drinking a few beers tonight. Off tomorrow so yay??


Just take the note down and clean their stuff and feel good that you are a great human making everyone’s lives better


then theyd just keep on doing it and making my life unbearable


the like is for your day off tomorrow


ergh gross, sorry to hear that


also the bit about them being oily, don’t think i’m even up to the task of cleaning them


Thanks GP. Tomorrow should be nice. Midwife appointment early doors, then washing baby clothes all day


Maybe you can guilt them into doing more by being extra nice, bake them a cake and tell them you miss them loads when they get back.


how long to go now???


5/6weeks eek


Really can’t work this one out.


hi ghostpony and perimeter and etc