Evening thread for ghostpony


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feel like he should already feel guilty as i’ve mentioned to him loads of times that coming home to a nightmare kitchen is shit for my already wrecked mental health

Saving it until after pat leave. So if anybody knows of any jobs and under qualified retail manager can do, hit me up

I often find it hard to believe some people are just selfish and a bit mean. Maybe the note is the way to go then

Evening!! Especially to @ghostpony :blush:

Just made a fuck off massive lasagne. Is masterchef on tonight?


evening ghostpony (and other people as well I guess)

I’m going to eat a pizza, drink some beer, watch a film and feel sorry for myself. quite a night in store

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Hello friends

Having one of the beers my friend got me for lending him Sopranos DVDs and listening to sparkle horse.

Just played noisy guitar before my neighbours got home. Also Just splurged money on recording gear I no doubt won’t get much use, but good intentions and all that


Off to the pub to watch the :soccer:

It’s so miserable out, when it will it be spring already :sob:

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oh boy have i got a rotter of a job on me for tonight. gonna need 17 coffees.

fao @1101010 i went to wasabi but i got the sweet n sour tofu instead of the katsu :open_mouth:

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he’s probs my favourite housemate, just a bit inconsiderate and in his own world sometimes. receiving an angry note isnt the worst thing in the world tho is it

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how long are you working til 3 or whatever for?

this week and next :expressionless: got no proper work on at the mo so had to take on some real grunt work

Alright :ghost::horse: and co :wave:

Did a pedallin’ now gonna eat some chicken and roast veg for dins and then watch the footers. Hoping that both teams score in the first half taps nose

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What needs editing at 2am? (I have no knowledge of your industry at all, so sorry for the no doubt daft question)

grunt work, mate. that’s what.

Those hours and hours of TV won’t edit themselves

dunno if I’m brutally honest if someone left an angry note for me I’d probably find it weird to be around them for years unless it was openly addressed afterwards

mate i intentionally didn’t use the name of it yesterday, can you delete this please

Sorry boss

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maybe you could make it angry but also a bit funny

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