Evening thread for ghostpony

Christ I’ve had a shitter of a day.



that sucks. are those commonplace hours for grunt work?

Football innit. Kids are at sleepovers so it’s very peaceful, still got a bit of the hangover - anxious for no reason, sick and dread about I don’t know what feeling. Definitely stopping drinking now fir a bit…

Hadzza, Easter egg and sat under a blanket so might have a nap before kick off to see if that helps

grunt work is 24/7

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Having a wine then yeah :clinking_glasses:

hate it when you run out of threads


Tea right now…

My resolve is not good beyond a few days though

How was it?

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I liked that but I don’t like it

Had some creme egg brownie. Watching The Simpsons. Standard.

And how was Clydebank?

Fucking hell.

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There’s loads of lovely, homemade food in the fridge but all i want is a pot noodle and a muller corner. MASTERCHEF IN 15.


except i’ve just remembered the squid risotto thing someone made in the last episode and now i never want to eat again :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

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Do you want more?

I think we’re on the verge of chazzering some of The Child’s wardrobe and I could easily get them in the post for rich-tiny.

just smashed a whole tub of edamame. love those little shits.


Eveming @ghostpony and all.

Haven’t left my house or onesie all day.

Sat eating noodles.

Re-arranged with my friend, to go watch the 2nd leg of the football next week so don’t feel as bad about not meeting him.

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Customer of the day: someone asking if his arthritic mother can take CBD oil on the plane. :neutral_face:

@Epimer @Lo-Pan Clydebank was a delight, thank you for asking. (It wasn’t, but the hospital was quite fancy and the staff were lovely).

bought a nice Guinness from the corner shop, are they normally cheaper than other ales? Always thought Guinness was a premium drink