Evening Thread for Laelfy

I’m bored outta my mind. What are you doing/eating/drinking etc?

what was the last compliment you received?

I can’t believe you’ve done this

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can we get the mods to delete them both?

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Well I appreciate both your efforts but I’m going to post on this one as it has my name in the title.

Bit knackered after taking eldest nephew to Troon for the day. He likes to alternate between being a delight and a complete dick. Had me doing sprint races on the beach.

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You can’t delete @laelfy or @japes - they’re life peers of DiS.

We went to Troon a couple of weeks ago. It’s nice there.

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Proper goosed and bored too. Gone for a lie down but might just have a 12 hour sleep.


This is all children. It’s just the balance between dick and delight that varies.


How often do you sprint these days would you say?

I feel like you’ve done me here tbf

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I’m about to go to my first spin class. have a feeling i might regret this.


Having spiced avo and poached eggs on toast for tea. Might indulge in a beer too.

Day off tomorrow - Hayward Gallery, Japanese/Peruvian fusion dinner, and Hamilton. Probably a few drinks somewhere in between those things.


nervous cos I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning

what’s your current book?

This would probably be my first time since I last played hockey so a good few months. I am not fit enough to be racing a six year old with bags of energy.

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I’m also going to the dentist tomorrow. currently paranoid that my gums are receeding and that my teeth will all fall out in overnight

seriously considering purchasing one of these

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A lovely silk dressing gown?


a sex doll?


working. got a pizzer in the oven though which isn’t so bad