Evening Thread for Monday


Made a ‘nutty bang bang chicken salad’ for dinner. It was nice. Going to the gym now so I can get back in time for Love Island’

Feel free to share what you’re up to, or just you know, lurk :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just remembered the reason I started this thread was to moan about my letting agents coming round to inspect my flat in Thursday. Only going to have to tidy the place aren’t I?!

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Was gonna go running but looked outside and cba. Gonna have a quorn steak and chips and watch :basketball:

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I got a pair of second hand trainers off eBay so I’ve been washing them and spraying them with zoflora #hinch. Looking forward to wearing them but I have to wait for them to dry. So impatient lol!!!

Hi! Got pork tacos on the go for tea, not much else going on really. My back really fucking hurts.

Bumped into @stickboy earlier. Recognised his lovely beard.

Going to see James Acaster, got a banging headache though.

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Inspired by @colossalhorse post earlier I’m making a Toad in the hole for tea.

I’m off this week, but I’ve not done much on my first day off. It’s mainly been recovering from putting fence posts up for my parents at the weekend. I ache all over.

I’m got up at 10:30. Lounged around the house, did an Aldi food shop and then was trapped under the cat for two hours whilst watching Riverdale.


Just waiting on some results then I should be out of work in 30


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  • play more read dead 2 on the playstation
  • go out for beers

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Worked then watched a film called Thunder Road. It was excellent.
The film that is. Work was fine.

Got a bit of a headache.

Watching I’m Alan Partridge. Evening all.

Got through Monday so that’s a bonus.

Cooking up a fabulous haloumi, jaloff rice and roasted cauliflower dinner.

Hi @laelfy!


Hiya slicks

Jill mousse from a bowl is nice but to put it on a person is demented

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This is the story of a woman, 50.


I’ve always said if I could inspire the making of just one toad in the hole in my time on DiS then I’ll feel like I’ve really made a difference. This is a proud day for colossalhorse.


Did you manage to avoid spoilers?

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Having a productive evening. Telling people I don’t want to see them anymore and watching webcams.

Off to see that just now! Been on my list for ages so better be decent