Evening thread for Monday

What’s cooking? How are you all?

Did you talk to any new people today?

Hi Scout!

Jacket potatoes with hoops & sausages

Tired but moderately happy.

Yes, but only because I’m paid to.

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Nice dinner! Definitely going to get some hoops this week now

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I prefer the long spaghetti more than hoops but yes, agreed

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Hi @Scout :blush:

Saw my auntie and uncle today for the first since before the pandemic. So that feels like talking to someone new in a way.

Had chicken Kiev, mashed potato and cauliflower (thanks Mum). Then a slice of cake.

Also these arrived today!



Chicken and char siu fried rice, extra hot curry sauce, prawn crackers, chips, bottle of Irn Bru.

What you got to say about that?

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My buddies last night here so we’re going out for a swanky meal. Canny wait.


Great dinner, great ornaments :revolving_hearts:

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Sounds very nice indeed. You never let me down with your culinary delights.

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Evening all!

I made some roasted veg with peppered mackerel and cous cous for tea. It was good. I’ll probably have some yogurt and a kitkat in a bit because that’s what The Child is eating.

I didn’t speak to anyone brand new today but did have a couple of quite long conversations with students I don’t know well.

I’ve got a bit of a sore throat, which is very predictable in the week before I get time off. I’ll be marking tonight because I haven’t had a chance to do it today.

Evening! Chicken in sauce and chips is cooking and yes! I met one of the neighbours, unfortunately because his water has been cut off and he was looking for someone to help him work out his water meter. I gave him a glass of water and sat him in the garden chair and we had a chat and it was quite nice.

Oh, he did get his water sorted in the end, but it was nothing to do with me and I probably hindered more than anything.

My phone is telling me there’s no Internet access, but as evidenced by this post, there is🤯

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Please elaborate.

Kiev’s are the business aren’t they. Just garlic butter and breadcrumbed anything is a winner :laughing:


The same thing is happening for @Gnometorious this is WILD!

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Not sure what’s for tea, probably beer and crisps. Talked to a new checkout person in co op briefly earlier but other than that its solo Ronco time as per :grinning:

I feel a need for lots of sodium. Please do not sympathise tomorrow when I’m moaning about being tired tomorrow after being up half the night trying to quench an unquenchable thirst.

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Maybe this is like the spinning top in Inception. DiS not being down indicates its not real.

This is your dreamworld, welcome.


Got a lot of time for the mini ones.

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