Evening Thread for Pancake Eve

I’m thinking of going to Creams and making myself obese tomorrow. What’re your pancake plans?
Also have to go to a new work tomorrow morn but sort of already can’t be arsed.
Currently eating a chickpea and veg stir fry… it’s nice. Sorted some paprika and chili oil into a small amount of the chickpea brine then into the fry, it’s good.
Feel like I’m having proto-relationship trouble but ignoring it, will continue to do so tbh.
27 in less than two weeks now, tell me I’m old. Or just talk about yourself ffs!!!

Tomorrow I’m going out for pizza and doing a final bit of packing I’m going to Japan, I may have mentioned it a couple of billion times over the past year :grin:


Don’t take anything, that’s my advice.

Also @Ruffers you’re not old. Yet.

Empty suitcase to fill up with kit kats… nice thinking

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More or less forces you to go on adventures too

Last year on Pancake Tuesday my housemates decided they wanted their pancakes ‘really eggy’. To this day I am unsure what this meant, but they basically ended up making a big fucking mess.

We went out for pancakes

I keep feeling old and I have yet to turn 21. Quite terrifying how fast the last 3 years have gone, and I can only assume it will get worse.

Neither of us are actually old though

Just had a beard trim. Feel p fresh faced. Dunno what to do tonight. Feel like watching a japanese film coz im jelly of mwt. Got some shite work lined up for the rest of the week.

How the fuck are you not even 21!!!

Oh to be 27 again :slight_smile:
Looking forward to a lazy evening ahead.
Will almost certainly not have any pancakes tomorrow, it because I don’t like em, I just never make em

must be because I come across so mature on here :no_mouth:


It’s literally all downhill from here I’m afraid :frowning:


Keep thinking of this song because of the mentioning of turning 27 and all the existential crisis that comes with it

Y’know what Bammerz I try to take the same approach to alcohol I do with other intoxicants, do it whenever you want as much as you want as long as it’s not just out of boredom. Pain, fine. To facilitate a good time, great. Boredom? Nah.


Watching Black Mirror. Planning to make some pasta in a bit.

That is all.

The car ticked over to 3000 miles just as I got home. That’s incredibly pleasing.

Have just ordered pizza with the neighbours :smiley:

All ready stocked with flour and eggs for tomorrow. Not making those awful crepe type pancakes though, I’m a fluffy American style pancake man.

I’m a crepe fella usually but I think I’m gonna go American tomorrow, with as much ice cream and chocolate as I can possibly stuff into my organs. My lungs will be batter by Wednesday.

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Started watching Luther, cop shows are good eh.

Putting some music on a little mp3 player, gonna keep good old shit on so don’t have put it on my phone. Put sonic youth, dylan and the smiths on so far.

Had veg paella was good.

Going to get something to eat out tomorrow before the cinema, so won’t be having pancakes. Might try make some vegan ones at the weekend.