Evening Thread for Pancake Eve


that’s easy when you’re young and thin but I need to get in shape!


I just had a pizza, it had pineapple on it and it was nice, was really fancy and had a fresh dough base.

Planning on putting chocolate spread on my pancakes tomorrow.


Can I tell you a secret, my favourite topping is pineapple and jalepeno/whatever chilli I can get. A lot of people think this is sacrilege but in reality it’s everything you need - you get your salty, sweet, spice, savoury, all the taste groups. That’s my theory.


Whaddup DiS! Down the climbing wall pretending I don’t have a finger injury. Or problems with both knees. Or a chronic shoulder injury. I’m not getting older and more injury prone. I don’t need to see a physio. Nor do I need to do yoga. Everything is ok.


Yoga is meant to actually work tbf but who wants to stand around doing yoga ffs, just saw my legs off already.


'kin 'ell ruffers. Spoiler and trigger warnings for shit like this


sounds great actually!


Definitely gonna go to creams tomoz for banannaberry crepes


good evening rf, mwt, pb, egf, lp, bn, wr, uf, ul, siπ, att, ttf and etc


i’m a crepe
i’m a weirdo


Exactly! Like when you have sweet and sour sauce on a Chinese take-away.


I’m thinking the nutella one but with peanut butter ice cream, and maybe extra bananas. And a cardiac arrest.


you must the be youngest DiSer DiSing on DiS these days.


A Pyrrhic victory

(Googled the spelling of pyrrhic)


Hope he appreciates our bountiful wisdom and depth of experience. Ahem.


no thank you


I still go on adventures if I have a clean pair of pants on :slight_smile:

But that’s one advantage of travelling alone, definitely more adventurous.


In another small Austrian town. I ate very good pancakes last night, with cranberries inside, served with ice cream. Hopefully the place will also be open tomorrow. I’m working a confusing schedule this week, where I’m teaching a different number of lessons every day. However it means I get a lie-in on Weds, and a half-day today and Friday. Tues and Thurs are hellish days where I start at 7.30 and finish at 3.30 though, and teach every period.

Here is another selection of shit Austrian pop songs for you. They sell Falco cds and biographies in the post office here. I suppose they don’t have so many modern day famous people to be proud of.

As well as this song being shit, this guy has a farmer accent (comes from the same area as Arnie)

The most 80s video ever. Nice mullet Falco. (Great Billa supermarket bag suits too)


Well this video’s an… experience… Basically been rocking that hairstyle myself lately.


Maybe start alternating between a Napoleon costume and 80s yuppie wanker suit for every day wear?