Evening thread for the benefit of tilty.

Go on. You know the script.


I hope @NeilYoung is on tonight.

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Everyone is at Wide Awake. Evening CANCELLED


Getting large fomo from seeing a lot of that on the timeline.

still not sure why I accepted no as an answer when I presented the option of tickets for about £16 each to a certain naysayer.

My wife and son are currently dancing around the living room to


Oh wait they’ve moved on to


Ate a reduced wrap and some old tiffin.

Waitng for the cricket highlights.

Not sure if its a drinky night

On an absolutely rammed train stood next to the toilet on the way to Leeds for a festival I am not arsed about

We’ve cracked open a bottle of Prosecco because we survived the summer holidays, and we’re ordering in Dishoom.

I’m trying to make plans for tomorrow night, but it seems everyone else already has plans

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friday night woooooo


Alright? Absolutely done in tbh, had a mega-busy week rounded off with a brewery tour. Got some chicken burgers n chips in the oven and some beers to drink though so all is well.

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Hello!!! Thank you @dktrfaustus.

Here is my tea


Started getting an itchy, skin crawling feeling when I get anxious :confused:

Theyre not on til 11 because of some Athletics :frowning:

hello what are the triangles please

Is there a Dishoom in Brighton?!

Hold an ice pack on your chest and it should help this.

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My take on saute potatoes

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You can order it through Deliveroo. No actual restaurant though. There’s LOADS of brilliant curry places though - Chilli pickle, Curry Leaf, Indian Summer, Bhindi’s,…

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Bless my mum

“Obviously Afghanistan was part of the British Empire”
“‘obviously’ - I didn’t know it was”
“hang on I swear it wasn’t… are you thinking of Pakistan?”
“Errr, I don’t know”

(She was)