Evening thread for this evening

Hi guys, here’s your thread!

Haven’t read hardly any new threads today, any worth the time?

Today was very not good for me, hope you all had better days.

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Big hugs FL

My partner’s first day back after mat leave. Very weird atmosphere here atm. Cooking a chili and listening to Godspeed, drinking a fennel tea.


Hello. Today at work I had my first day in a new role and it was something of a “baptism of fire” and I am exhausted.

Evening FL, Rich. Much love to both of you absolute fucking heroes.
I’ve just had a pasty for tea. Watching shit TV with coffee and a big chocolate cake after quite a stressful first half of the day and a nice relaxing second.

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About to go and join a new gym :grimacing:. Help me decide which of my gousto meals to cook when I get back.

  • Crispy pork belly a noodle ramen
  • Halloumi, herby bulgur and roasted veg
  • Pork, pineapple and red onion tacos

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* please note I will almost certainly ignore the poll

I hope there is no more fire going forward into your new role and wish you success.

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Ant, I am currently doing very well as Bath City on FM18 and I’m going to put it solely down to your involvement, so thanks.

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evening fl &etc

I was so knackered after walking up the hill back from work today and I walked into the flat to find my mother-in-law had turned up with a beef teriyaki & noodles for me and sushi for the rest of the family.

And if that wasn’t heroic enough I’ve just this second noticed that she also left a box of After Eights in the kitchen cupboard


That is some top level mother-in-lawing.

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isn’t it just - she’s ace


I can imagine that feeling incredibly strange, must feel like a lifetime ago for your partner that she was at work. Does this mean O is almost one already? :open_mouth:

9 months :grimacing:

Cooking a Bolognese, chucked in some sliced pepperoni left over from Saturday. Hopefully it’ll be good.

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just got off the phone with mama prof:

‘yeah i’m doing okay, bit stressed about my driving te-’

well that’s me set for the test I guess :cowboy_hat_face:


Walked and thought ‘nope, too small’ after one second. Still pretended to be interested for 15 mins obviously.

Had a proper fight with my Mam on the phone recently for the first time in years. Made me feel like a teenager again!


Proper stacked it on a bus in Vaduz earlier and my right bum cheek feels v bruised.

Also been limping because of a massive blister. Deffo glad I’m getting the backpacking stuff out the way in my youthful years! Overnight bus to Slovenia tonight, bought some rosé to help me sleep

our fights nowadays are just us telling each other to fuck off and having a laugh about it tbh.

much more healthy than the dingers we used to have when I was a teenager.

You on the move again laddy?

Alright champs. Did a cycle then had a spicy chicken pizza. Picked up another 10 of those blood orange beers from M&S so gonna sink a few of them and catch up on Saturday night’s Trapped.