Evening thread for Thursday 6th

Hi friends,

I hope it’s not too early for an evening thread.

How was your day? What’s for dinner? Anything fun planned for this evening?

Macron has announced that anyone can book a vaccine slot from next week, which is v v exciting and I cannot wait to get jabbed. :syringe:

Work was ok, ticked off some jobs I’d bee procrastinating AND I put on proper clothes and make-up today.


Hey ssh

Going big Sainsbos


What you gonna get?

My bits

Want anything?

Great news on the vaccine :+1:


Hi ssh

Shit day, cba, too much required of me at work and I’m struggling, just want the weekend now please

Making sweet and sour stir fry for din dins cause there’s some pineapple that needs consuming

Gotta go vote for big Andy B as well!

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I would like some Biscoff ice creams please.


i’m so suggestible, i’m definitely getting some now


also need a haircut, looking scraggly af


Football is on tonight. The big question is - what should I have for dinner?

  • Spaghetti al Tonno
  • Order a pizza

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Had a rubbish day, woke up to the creep tapping on my bedroom window, scarpered before I could get a photo of him. Then the cat caught a rat outside and I had the misfortune of trying to intervene and save it. Had a failed covid test result too so got to go for another test tomorrow, and I’ve spent most of the day working despite it being my day off.

Bore off everything!

On the plus side I had a great time dancing to Heartbreaker this morning whilst washing up. What a banger.

I’m sorry work was so shit; being overwhelmed with work is not a good thing and I think is especially hard at the moment when the lines between work and personal time are so blurred. I hope you can do something nice this evening or this weekend to take your mind off it.

I haven’t had sweet and sour in years!

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Oh and I bumped into a neighbour who told me my cat is a bully. Lol.


Hello! Had a nice day doing a few jobs around the house and not much in between. Brian Harvey Special and back to work dread for dinner.

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Oh my god, that’s fucking terrifying. I hope you’re ok.


Thanks ssh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: yeah, I’m going to see my little brother this weekend, he’s in his second year at uni and my mummy is constantly worried about him, so getting him a big pile of food and some beers, every students dream


Thanks. It was the only time in 4 years I’ve opened my bedroom window during his usual hours let the cat out and fell asleep without closing it, so it could have been worse I guess

The whole darned country seems to be sold out of 1800mm x 600mm diamond trellis and I, for one am tormented by this.

Evening all.

Day wasn’t too bad. Took the dog for a decent walk and managed to go for a wee bike ride for the first time in a week.

Flat-iron steaks, with mash, green beans and baby corns for dinner.

No plans for this evening - find something to watch on the TV and maybe have a beer, I suppose

Eating: GRT daal
Drinking: water / decaf tea :roll_eyes:
Watching: Superstore
Doing: prepping shit for a pre-work bike ride in the morning

Just discovered the last series is on itv hub so that’s what I’ve been doing today also.