Evening thread for Thursday

I’m doing BUG at the BFI.


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Bored on the metropolitan line and

been nagging my housemate to stop leaving his dishes in the sink and he keeps doing it, for days on end
i’m not tidy at all so have no leg to stand on but this in particular is extremely annoying
even tried to implement a ‘keep it in your room until you can be arsed to wash it’ policy but it’s not taken off
just ranting on here cos id feel like a dick sending him another message about it

Bah we could’ve done a meat! (that’s assuming you want to meat the LME).

Think I’ve just over-snacked

Give it a minute, you’ll get a second wind.


Walked to the shops, got a pizza. Couple of beers, masterchef and bed I reckon.

basically live off pitta bread and houmous now because i cba dealing with the messy kitchen

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Alright zeal? Enjoy Bug man, always forget it’s a semi regular thing at the BFI, should really go one time.

Finally sorting out our dining table tonight. Gonna reward myself with pizza and beer afterwards.

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Walking to the big Tescs. Gonna get :pizza:!

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No time today, if we meet it’s going to be over a haggis toastie.


It’s my third - one at the big Odeon (Radiohead special), one with Doc Brown standing in for Adam Buxton. Looking forward to it!

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Getting paid less than my rent tomorrow, then nothing for 2 weeks. No idea how I’ll survive but hey ho.

Bit worried I’ve pissed Eric off with the My Vitriol chat :frowning:

Other than that, just going through the rigmarole of trying to get a grumpy and overtired 5 year old to bed when she insists on propelling herself along the floor like a bunny rabbit.

Finally making the Anjum Anand Fiery Goan Curry thingy which has been sat in my cupboard for yonks. Learning all about making coconut milk out of a block of creamed coconut right now.

This is legit infuriating, my kitchen is tiny and my housemate always leaves stuff everywhere for days. Like, if I did that too you wouldn’t be able to use the kitchen at all.

Completely fair enough to be frustrated by that

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is there anything he doesn’t mind doing that you could trade with him for doing the dishes?

gonna need some details


Bought a Prince record and some grapefruit beer, going to play a seventeen piece improv gig at nine.

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