Evening thread for Thursday

Cleaning the flat, with custard breaks

Straight from the recycling bin, yeah?


I’m fully behind this.

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trying to fit “he drank a grape fruity be-er” to raspberry beret but it’s not really happening

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closest i’ve ever been to leaving a passive aggressive note

I found playing extreme chicken to be a way of sending a more effective message in the past - let him run out of dishes and realise he needs to do something about it.

Keep a supply of crockery in your room or something.

that’s a lot of people to improvise with

The kind you find/
In a posh beer shop?

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Keep thinking about this and laughing


Yeah I think I’ve come close, dunno if anything would ever irritate me that much that I’d leave a note though.

shirley there would be a very small window of it smelling amazing then it would smell like burnt garlic bread


Hey CCB, I’m sure it’ll all end up being a fuss about nowt. Try not to stress too much about it (and send him a pm if you’re really concerned!)

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I am an adult.


Had some pad thai, now considering which card game to play.

Haha went to take a photo and forgot I’d saved these beauties from this morning :smiley:


“He’ll sleigh you” :smiley:


An actual improvement on Gary Busey there

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Uugghhh I hoped it was gingerdread! Slight disappointment but not much

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The 80s horror trope for really small, unscary things being able to pick up kitchen knives is a real doozy isn’t it


I’m trying to construct some kind of plot involving a home counties guy called Crispin who goes to Cambodia on his year out and starts running amok with a machete.

Just had a mammoth dinner. I exclaimed I was a wee fat gnome and the bf sat on my belly. Gold coins popped out of my mouth because I’m magical and that’s what happens when magical gnomes eat too much.

Going to drink a cup of tea and look up more stupid Christmas horror films to work my way through this month :smiley:

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