Evening thread for today

I’m gonna be working nights :sleeping: :coffee: :coffee:

First of all, a lonely beefeater meal for one… then. The apprentice. WBU?

Hey m_w_t

Having @plasticniki and @profk’s favourite dinner, Kiev and chips, with peas. Got some beer and the apprentice .


I’m having Kiev and peas too (with baked taties though) !


Our chips are actually homemade wedges

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The beafeater doesn’t serve chicken Kiev :frowning:

I’m missing out

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Any other meats ever given the Kiev treatment…?

Just had mediocre fish and chips at the hotel restaurant. Currently working down in the restaurant rather than in the special solitary misery of my hotel room.


La de da delicious

If Prince Charles can eat groussaka, then I’m sure he can eat a grouse Kiev.

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So the coffee I ordered is more like a bird bath :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

Anyway, evening all!

:white_check_mark: I’ve got an unexpected free evening
:white_check_mark: I’m going to have pie and chips
:white_check_mark: I’m also going to have a gin and tonic


Feeling VERY grumbly. I just apologised for something in the hope that it would provoke an apology back. Didn’t happen, feeling more irked than before. I’m an idiot and so are they. GRUMBLE.

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Which gin?

Could murder a nice g and t

All I’ve got is Indian brandy and some weird Turkish spirit (both gifts from people’s holidays)

There should be a word for an apology proferred with the expectation of getting one back

There’s probably a curb ep all about this isn’t there?


Oh good point. Some gin that Mrs CCB’s sister ordered for her. (It came in the post! We were very excited)

Sounds mysterious

Full of twigs and old feathers?

Ugh this happened to me at work recently. I apologised for the tiny thing I’d done wrong (raising my voice slightly when someone had been unreasonable to me over the course of several months) and got a response along the lines of “so you should be - you were hostile and dismissive” lol

Ugh, that’s so annoying :confused: people are awful. Just remember you’re the better person!! :slight_smile:

I’m more annoyed at myself tbh, I’m just really stressed and it shouldn’t be bothering me when I’ve got loads to do. It’s a massive waste of my energy. Snap me out of it ccb!!