Evening thread for today

Haha, no no… couldn’t do that.

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Now snap out of it!

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Thank yoou xx

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Haha. You’re a good egg, Witches, and you’re the better person for sure :slight_smile:

I’m stuck on the train. Here are snippets of the half of conversation that I can hear half of at the moment:

“What a shit this is!..”

Singing “so take off all your clothes”


Sorry, I had a slight lol at the last sentence.

Epimer is a GBOP (great bunch of penoid)


Risotto for tea
Install new tyres
Banana bread
Killing Eve

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Only joking Eps :wink:


He’s more bumwee than barf tbh


Leftover con bol for dinner. Can of Heineken and prentice after

My commute is taking the piss. Should’ve been home half an hour ago and then I’ll have to wait for a replacement bus probably in a bit.

Entertain me pls


G’evening. Can’t seem to get a good work/life balance at the moment. Work is kicking my arse so I’m trying to balance it out with pizza.

Wife-o took photos of this Lego suffragette today and it made The Times’ pic o’the day which is obvs great but also a bit of a weird tribute?



Normally I work late on Wednesday but I got out of it.

Instead I was planning on going to a non league football game. But I’m too comfortable so instead im just going to watch Making a Murderer.

Came home from work to find a massive Christmas hamper delivery sent by my Mum :yum::gift: total surprise and really made me smile. Also found out a good pal is preggo today so a good day all in all!

Had some spaghetti with spring greens, chilli, capers and lemon dressing for dinner. Gonna eat some of that Waitrose coconut chocolate and watch Apprentice then sleeeeep.


Pie with peas and carrots, then a chai in bed with The Apprentice I reckon.

My living room is so cost since I painted. Just want to sit up all night appreciating the god damn hygge.


Those pecan danishes were delicious but an awkward shape to stack on the shelves for 16 year old GT

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Cosy. JFC. I wish I could post one thing without a typo

i ate too much bagel and fell asleep . now my stomach hurts bad

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Night off from the hospital tonight, just put my sickly daughter to bed and gonna prep the kedgeree for when Mrs stack gets home. Might listen to floating points.

Work has been a horror show this week due to people being off (I sent them home tbf they needed a rest) but I am fucking OWNING it.

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