Evening thread for Tuesday 4th

Hello friends,

How was your day? What are your plans for this evening? What’s for dinner?

My day was fine, lots of meetings. Omelette for dinner. I worked all weekend and feel odd that I finished my work and don’t have anything urgent to do tonight, which is nice.

I think the highlight of my evening will be putting fresh sheets on the bed. I am very cool and exciting.


Hi! Hope you’re good.

I made saag paneer.



My day had many meetings, none of them interesting in the slightest.

My evening was meant to have an executive function coaching session but my shrink/Dr Mrs Epimer’s friend from knitting had to cancel, so now I’ll probably stay home and play computer games, for a change of pace.


:yum: That looks good, I’ll be round soon!



I’m listening to Abbey Road in the kitchen and having a beer . I’m going to have a baked potato with tinned mackerel and salad for tea

After that I’m going to watch another episode of the Kate Winslett thing on Now Tv then watch The Night Comes For Us on Netflix


I just played the word “fellates” in a game of Scrabble. Don’t think I’ll be doing much that can top that, tbh



Non productive but necessary day. The tree that nearly fell on me yesterday split into another section and that was the highlight of my day.

Nothing for dinner I don’t think, I just have no desire to eat food the last few days, I’m so hungry but something is stopping me from doing anything about it. Probably just an indication of how lazy I am :woman_shrugging:

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Watched Promising Young Woman, now reading about Promising Young Woman.

Got my extra takeaway curry for last night to heat up with the football.



Hope it lands on my work.


work was quite irritating today and then someone started a zoom meeting at 6 that went on for 45 minutes and was completely pointless. livid.

think it’s tofu stir fry thing for tea tonight.

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Day was uneventful

Will probably do some sewing later. I’m making a skirt out of the most flimsy fabric I’ve ever worked with. I’ll probably be too scared to wear it when I’m done in case i tear holes in it by breathing or something

I’m going to make turkey burgers and probably wedges for dinner but I need to wash up first.

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Had the first of 3 days off. Made burgers for tea, now drinking some beers and listening to Everything Everything until the shopping arrives at 8 when I might have a second dinner.



Thai green fish curry for dinner, which was nice. I’ve just put the recycling bins out, then at 8.30 I’ve got my monthly radio show, which will be fun. Which reminds me, I must go and see if my audio setup has been messed up by yet another upgrade.

had a pretty crappy day, didn’t sleep at all well last night.
making some baked fish with a bunch of roasted/griddled veg for dinner. gonna find a film to watch or summit.
got a real notion for a beer but gonna leave it tonight.

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WFH, which means drinking beer and listening to Roisin Murphy.


Really underrated episode this tbf

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I’m imagining falling in cartoon fashion. Someone has just finished years on their vanity project - a full-sized Georgian townhouse made of Lego bricks or matchsticks. Just as they put the final piece in place and stand back to admire their handiwork, the debris lands and destroys it entirely. They pull a hangdog expression and sigh, “ah nuts”.

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