Evening thread for Tuesday or whatever day it is

No talking about teeth


Evening Froglet

How are you doing?

Having freezer curry and naan.

Might have a nap so i can watch a bit of cricket later

Watching Nine Perfect Strangers is still silly.

Need to pop out for milk

I’m quite tired but my course finished 2 hours earlier than the original schedule said (it’s a week-long thing that we were told was 8:30-6 and instead it was 9-4:15) so i shouldn’t complain


How are you doing?

Have to go into the office tomorrow, already cba.

Me? Oh, y’know… career in ruins, marriage on the rocks, mental health in tatters due to cat-related sleep deprivation, -15.C outside, sunset at 2:30pm every day… surprisingly upbeat all things considered


Evening all :wave:

Had some good news today: the work on our car that I thought would cost £400+ actually cost us nothing, because it was caused by something the garage had done during its last service. Fair play to them for being honest about it :clap:

Definitely not leaving the house this evening. Looks foul out there.


Wanted to make lemon tofu today. Have honey and lemon. Do not have tofu.

Fish finger sandwich for dinner then :yum: :ok_hand:t3:

Lack of dread despite having a presentation in the morning that was just sprung on me (and I plan to do ZERO minutes of prep for). Plenty of time for dread yet.

Pretty cold, time for the giant dressing gown


Had quite a nice day despite getting rained on twice

Making my trademark “healthy tea” soon (leaves, sweet potato wedges, cherry toms, pepper and smoked mackerel salad). Reading my book - it’s a self helpy :brain: book which is helping me feel all zen.

I’ll probably watch some more Mandalorian later and listen to records

Going to test out my new runners tomorrow - first time I’ve got some proper ones that allow for my slanty in feet, so hopefully I won’t get the sore knees I usually do


Evening all!

I made a variation on the miso roasted aubergine from GRT with sprouts. I do like a roasted sprout. The dressing had just the right amount of chilli in it. I also had tofu, sorry @Scout.

It’s cold here but I’m not going outside until tomorrow morning. Wor Lass is at Guides tonight so I’ll be putting The Child in bed and trying to read my book for a bit.


Really stressful work day :face_with_head_bandage:

My friend is asking me questions about lube. Not in the mood for this tbh. (I don’t have answers anyway)

Flatmate is going out to get railed again, I’m having a beige dinner and watching gogglebox. I win

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Still feeling weird but currently having a cheese on toast sandwich (NB not cheese on toast) which is EXACTLY what I needed and I think I’m going to have a second

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Just on the bus home for a nice relaxing evening o-

“fancy a pint eric m8”



Eve Ning

Made burgers and chips for tea.

Going to attempt to stay up for a bit of cricket but I’ve been awake since about 6am, so we shall see.

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Have you time to squeeze in a nap?

Pint is cancelled. Reckon dinner will be a whatever’s in the freezer kind of night, fake chicken nuggets I suspect. And a couple episodes of Tony Sopranos. That’ll do, wont it?




I’m super sleepy after another exciting day at the farm. Need to stay up for at least an hour before going to bed to read is even remotely acceptable.

Sorted out some secret santa stuff today though 🥸🧑🏻‍🎄

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