Evening thread for Tuesday or whatever day it is

What you reading?

I just finished a book about 3 sisters who are sort of creepy witches that I enjoyed a lot, but it was almost definitely I’m the category of “trashy nonsense”. My fave.

Do I want ice cream?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only you know the true answer to this

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Work have agreed to pay for our team Xmas lunch tomorrow (only because they’ve cancelled the main Xmas party, any xmas bonuses, and because I loudly announced I don’t get paid enough to pay to socialise with work people :see_no_evil:)

So, what am I having?



1 of everything vegan imo

+ champers


Some of those meal names are toe-curling. Nevertheless, what Eric said


Vegan Christmas Bao for sure

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Watching the Pine Barrens episode. Veggie nuggets in the oven. Have to tidy ready for a visitor the next couple nights. Big night at casa del eric. Hoping for bed by 10pm imo.

Their description on the Google results is worse.

“Chill destination”

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Turn the heating off and get some sauce packets for the true experience

Just had tacos. My sons turned into a spice warrior ‘mouth burner tacos daddy - no cheese!’ :roll_eyes:


My work xmas dinner is at “meatliquor.” Have ordered a black bean chili dog, fries and jagermeister ice cream for afters. So #festive.

Now he wants a big glass of milk. Quelle surprise.


Ben and Jerry’s have gone too far


Wish loaded fries would go away tbh


Just messy. You’d think it’d be impossible to fuck up a plate of chips, but no. Thanks, capitalism.


Making a chilli and watching this thing VOIR on Netflix which is just these short little essays about films. S’nice n good.
Put up my new fairy lights and given myself a Christmas plant. It is the season to be jolly after all.

Orzo for tea

Everything on the Slap & Pickle menu - vegan options obvs

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First game of 7s post covid. No notable effects on fitness thank god, although my touch was absolutely terrible all night. Weird side effect but ok.

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Think we’re gonna decorate the Christmas tree that we bought in yesterday but cba to jazz up, that’ll be very wholesome