Evening Thread for Tuesday the 13th of June


What’s everyone up to?

Eating: Just had some really spicy pasta, mouth is burning. Got something stuck in my teeth too.

Drinking: Chimay White, though kind of regretting it as not in the mood to drink.

Watching: Started the Netflix show ‘Love’ at the weekend so might finish S1 of that. Pretty enjoyable.

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About to go out but my phone’s on low battery.


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stop posting on dis.

i’m on my laptop.

Watched the switch announcement.
Now watching better call Saul
Had some pasta, cranberry and turkey for tea.
Gonna read, play Zelda and listen to the football then go to bread.

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Just gonna fire up the Bbq. Might crack a beer and slap an LP on in a minute.


fiddling with my bike. new brake pads + re-tensioned the wheels. very exciting.

prawn fajitas for dinner :yum:

Is it warm down south?

Yep. Drinking beer in the garden after lighting the BBQ and listening to Why?

Got more work to do :confused: The perils of a three day week, eh?

Just been listening to the new SZA record there, shit is lit, :fire_emoji: etc.

No idea what’s for dinner tonight, waiting for her outdoors to become her indoors so we can cook together.

England are playing France tonight, who knew?

EDIT: we just got our mortgage in principle approved.



Car electric window on the drivers side has borked so half assedly looking into if I can fix it myself :frowning:

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HELLO you big beautiful people. I’m just in from the gym and I am well sweaty. Got to do the fucking dishes shakes fist at dishes but then its steak for dinner :blush:

Ive just announced I’m going to not eat carbs for a while, I’m not sure this is a good idea or what that even fully means… I should probably read up on these things before declaring them out loud.

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Just cos you’ve been to the gym you think it’s ok to body shame us?! Shaking my smh rn.



York Fibbers
£5, £7 on the door

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Ignoring your phone, is it sometimes ok?

Would a flyer or my NUS card offer any concession m8?

Congratulations in principle!!!

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