Evening thread for Wednesday

Just finished lessons for the day and enjoying an ice cold glass of beer in the sun next to some cars



Watching Look North.

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I’m giving platelets. Kiss me.

Think I’ve fucked the headphones jack on my phone.

Shopping’s coming in a bit, so there’s that. Also need to go through the contract for the house at some point.

Content warning: suicide

someone who I play at penoid events regularly and play with took her own life last night. I’m going to have a cry about that later. I saw her and spoke to her just on Sunday and she was making plans for the future. Awful.

Working 9am to 9pm, AGAIN.

I’m on a train now



I’m mean it’s been fucked but useable for while but… now it’s truly fucked.

Really sorry to hear this, how awful. Hope you’re ok x


I’m currently sat in Brussels Midi waiting to get the train home after leaving my son in the Netherlands for uni. The TV and I had a couple of days in Amsterdam which was nice.

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mate that’s terrible, obviously goes without saying that it’s ok to be upset and confused right now. Very sorry for your loss x


Just back from the Chinese Mrs Z likes to get her Lo Han Chai and Won Ton Soup.

Now making my own dinner from stuff we have here - gonna be some sausages I froze a while back, pasta and peas with a bit of salad cream or ketchup… undecided which.

  • Ketchup
  • Salad Cream

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Sorry to hear this, I hope your OK.

I feel a bit of an idiot and insensitive about moaning about working late, just after your post.

None ideally, really. Ketchup with pasta?!

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It needs some kind of sauce to stop it being too dry. And I’m not making up a whole pasta sauce, so it’s one or the other.

Splash of olive oil mate. I’ve made that exact same dish a million times.

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So you’re saying I should have both? Interesting idea.

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