Evening thread ft. cows

Evening all

Just on the train home now. Was delayed slightly because a herd of cows was blocking the path. They cleared (as per the picture below) but were still charging around. Think they needed to save it for Thursday.

Plans for this evening? Any bovine encounters?


Have to try to watch at least 4 episodes of game of thrones tonight

@he_2 posted first. But my thread has cows!

Evening ccb, bit irked as the avocado for my spicy chicken and feta tacquitos was rock hard and inedible. Going to eat them then head to the gym.

As we all know, cows trump fish finger sandwiches…

That’s a cool photo.

Alright, ABBA



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Tenuous? Just a bit!

Never been afraid to go in for a bad pun with both feet.

get on dis… post a little shit in the game of thrones thread… get off… back to life

That is definitely the thing that is happening now.

Had fish finger sandwiches for tea, might read, might watch a film, will get the kids to bed.

Youse folks?

With all your tacquitoes?

discovered proper fish fingers in Spain the other week btw. life is complete again

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increasingly getting into aviation as an interest, guys. fucks sake.


There are some cows on a field near my house. But I’m at work until 8:30. If I remember I’ll get a photo.

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Had a bloody great day. Mrs F and I went for a drive to the nearest McDonald’s (approx. 40 mins away) for lunch, then went to some shops. Then came back and went for a pootle around the countryside ending up by the beach for a bit. Got home and opened the 1.3kg box of broken biscuits I bought at The Range and there’s fucking whole caramel Rocky’s in there. What a day.


Omg, not even a word of a lie, we are also having tabouleh #thatsincredible

Life decisions only stretch to which cardigan does that gnome mean when she says the long blue one, though.

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Can someone decide what tomorrow evening’s animal will be so I can plan ahead?

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