Evening thread ft. cows


Finished the wire. Was a bit good like

@manches-brute she’s so lovely. We shared a table with her and her band at green Man a few years ago. Her saxophonist wanted a go on the big wheel,so my partner went with him. Me and Julia had a chat about her music and other favourite bands.


I’m ridiculously jealous


Was strange really. My partner has been bugging me about going on the big wheel and I didn’t want to. They popped over with noodles from a food stand and the saxophonist was talking about going on there to another band member. So off they trot onto the big wheel.

I asked her how her set was and what she thought of the festival. We had a chat about her music and she asked me what I listened to as they were on a big trip and wanted something fresh to listen to. I couldn’t really recommend anything she hadn’t heard so we talked about godspeed for a while :heart:


Proper summery-lookin meal that, feel a not cooler just looking at it


Just come here from Post of the Week.

Absolutely lost it laughing out loud while working from home at the end point.

Fuck me.


If you’ve got 15 mins next time you can try baking it

This says 100C for 10 mins wrapped tight in foil, which is fine except Gas Mark 1 is 140C so you’ll need an electric on.