Evening thread, have you been fed?

Hi pals

How’s your evening? What’s for dinner?

Avery’s gone out to play cricket, hopefully this becomes a regular thing :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m wishing I’d made plans with a friend cos feeling a bit bored and lonely.

Gonna go walk round and round the little park :walking_woman:


This week is way more full on than i realised, gaaaaah, help.

Got some freebies in the grocery order:
Tinned tomatoes
Tomato soup
Tomato curry spice mix
Percy Pigs
Tortilla chips

Off out now to MIF launch party :partying_face:


Got an M&S lasagne for a treat. Nearly ready :+1:


Stir fried veg and coconut rice.

Dehydrated from a sweaty walk and daytime cocktails but can’t be bothered drinking replenishing fluids. Might have a bath and relax my anus, get refilled that way

Evening all :wave:

Brain is a bit overfull after work. Got pie and wedges for dinner though, and might have a beer.

My new spot for lunch is quite nice


Still at work but I’ve got a margarita so

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Barely gotten through half my to do list today. Can’t decide what to eat for dinner and instead just started reading this but couldn’t concentrate so ended up posting on here

Had a massage, was good but not as good as my regular so probs won’t go back

Gonna make carbonara for dinner, though have to use store bought pasta like some kinda carb loser

No real evenings plans, maybe just plan my holiday bookings

Also had a massage. Felt limber and relaxed afterwards but work out pay to that.

Leftover pastry tart for dinner, and Happy Valley on the television

Prawn korma for dinner

Now firing up Popmaster on All 4 (or whatever they’re calling it now). I’ve heard it’s not as good as it was on the radio


Has a reduced Charlie Bingham lasagna, peas and garlic bread for tea

Just watching telly - got stressed about some things today but they are all behind me now :man_in_lotus_position::man_in_lotus_position::man_in_lotus_position::man_in_lotus_position:


Evening, had chilli at my parents sat outside in the garden. Just reminded myself how to put up the tent and checked that it was still in one piece


Alright? Absolutely knackered and a bit blue. Had steak for tea and now watching last night’s Popmaster and trying to stay awake. Did get 18 Sprites for £3.75 in Tesco earlier though.

Made some flatbreads and courgette fritters and had that with some fried courgette, red onion, red pepper, chickpeas and tomatoes in a yoghurty harissa thing. Well banging.

Now watching succession (S2e5) and wishing I wasn’t working Friday or Saturday


Anyone wanna help add some 00s and 2010s pop bangers to this wedding playlist I’m doing?

1 week exactly until I have to come back to the UK for extremely boring but hopefully career improving reasons.

Fucking gutted tbh.


Bored. Not eaten. Not hungry.

Same. Often just forget to eat. Probably not normal right?

Just seen my cousin go to buy cocaine.

Everyone give Hector a round of applause.


1 thing - Amerie on yr list?