Evening thread just for @japes

Going out in a little bit to see US Girls

Chat away


He was just complaining about there being no evening thread

Didn’t intend it for to read that this is ONLY for him

He probably reckons I have a crush on him now or something

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just made some red lentil pasta. the saucepan i used was far too small. oh well.

off to the pictures in a bit.

What are you seeing?

escape from new york :slight_smile:

one of the john carpenter 4K restorations they’ve been doing


Hello. Chilly. Gonna make some bread and then eat it with a load of butter.

Also play a board game maybe.

At work. Xmas planning sucks

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Im @japes

Has anyone mentioned it is chilly?

Getting the train into town for 65 Days of Static. My week at work has been hassle and I’m tired, but I’ve missed the last three times they played near me because of work so I can’t let this stop me.

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Turned the electric blanket on whilst I put M to bed so it’s toasty for when I’m done.

Living without a charger for my Mac is driving me mad as I really fancied watching something in bed. Will just have to start on a new book.

Just crossed the Hudson.

Security took so long. And had to name the Golden Gate bridge to verify my tourist creditentials.


Also I couldn’t play fm2019 because it said I needed to be connected to google play @anon5266188 had to read a book ffs.

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It exists! It’s near my favourite place. Andover itself however is incredibly non-descript, you’ll need to be careful not to accidentally drive through it.


baltic innit

Made a decision 10 min ago to go out, eat pizza and see Sunflower Bean.

Is it sold out? Can I get in? Who’s supporting and when are they on? I have no idea. Good thing I don’t mind pointless journeys in cold weather.

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No, that’s Newcastle. I’m going to the CCA.

Was working late cause the TV was at a networking event. She’s just messaged me to lemme know she’s taken a whole pizza home cause nobody turned up :joy:

Skype meeting at 9pm, today has already been long enough ffs

Keep editing Xylo

Not long till I eat some rice.

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