Evening Thread of April the 2nd

Hello folks, hope everyone is doing the best they can in these times.

Me, just been listening to ambient music all day. Going to kick back with some Coors here shortly.

Might finish ‘Kingdom’ Season 2 tonight (great show). Not sure what’s for dinner yet.

What about ya’ll, plans for this eve?

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Evening all :wave:

It was my eldest’s birthday so I had the day off. Tried to make the best of it: pancakes for breakfast, then presents, a call from the grandparents, trip to the (local) countryside, party games (musical statues, blind man’s buff, that sort of thing) and a birthday dinner. Made a cake in the style of a German ICE train (one of her favourites from our interrailing last year) - a bit scruffier than I would have liked but it was well received nonetheless.

Could quite easily fall asleep on the sofa right now.


You are probably the coolest dad ever, what a cake! Happy bday young CCB!


omg what a cake!

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Awww she looks delighted.

Making pork crackling.

Read that at first as kicking back with The Coors at first. Guessing there’s every chance you’ve got no idea who The Coors are? You’re not missing much tbf.

Bought two bottles of wine earlier, will make a start on the shit bottle so we can crack onto the nice one as a weekend treat.


Hullo all. I am having a beer and trying to replot a novel. Later I shall make fajitas, wash the dishes, do some reading, plan tomorrow’s gravel cycle and watch some more Simpsons (S14, alas).

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Let us not confuse the Irish band Corrs, with the delectable rocky mountain beverage Coors. :rofl:


Making stuffed peppers (harissa, rice, quorn mince and chick peas)
Just been for a run
Might watch another ingy bergz later

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Going mad. Changed my guitar strings. One of my cucumber seeds has germinated. Need the rest of the lads to get a move on now.

Got to make up a ‘pub quiz’ set of questions tonight for call with friends on saturday evening, wife for some reason thinks that a Manics b-sides round isn’t appropriate. Ridiculous.

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sausage and mash for tea, catching up on masterchef, staying up working on music until the early hours probably. seems to be my routine for the moment.

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She looks delighted :blush: that cake is amazing! And it’s not scruffy, it’s ‘artisan’ :wink: you and your wife seem like a totally GBOP (great bunch of parents)
Also, the colour scheme in your living room is lovely, esp with the red rose in the window!


That cake looks amazing! You could say it looks as cool as ICE (sorry)

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Had a nightmare day so doing the healthy thing eating an entire bar of dark chocolate and thrn going to have moderately strong beers.

Would do anything for stupid Disney+ to work on my tablet so I could watching several hours of Gravity Falls to take my mind off of life.

I ordered a local indian that I’d been looking forward to for ages but I only went and ordered the wrong sauce :woman_facepalming:. Got pakora for days though.

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Both leave you breathless etc


Loved Kingdom season 1 but can’t quite face watching 2 at the moment as it feels a bit ‘virusy’.

Well ICEd cake


Aw thank you :slight_smile: the cake was a 'mare, the top half didn’t balance properly on the bottom half so it looked like it was tilting going round a corner :joy: but she knew what it was, at least. To be fair to them, they’ve been amazing since everything kicked off and have made everything a hell of a lot more bearable x


Yeah the real world connotations are eerie. However, I think you should crack on with Season 2. We have 2 more to go and both absolutely love it.

Those costume and set designs, oooo la la.

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