Evening Thread of April the 2nd

My pudding

  • Belly full of pasta
  • Watching Black Lightning
  • Taking an early night


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why doesnt beer last longer


Just had to clean up some cat puke. An enjoyable evening!

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Had leftover pulled pork rolls for tea, resisting wine, got the back to work fear really bad.

That’s why you buy them by the case. :joy:

About to throw on your Nap Eyes recommendation from the other day. I’ll let you know the verdict.

Evening all.

Bit of a shit end to the day at work. Our dept. Is a bit of a punch bag for internal politics, so we’re doing good work but getting shit for it anyway.

Went for a run and put out my 2nd best 5k so that’s improved the mood a bit.

Work colleagues organised impromptu Pictionary at the end of the day because we were all hitting a wall. Then I took some v cute selfies and had a call with a friend who lives in Vienna, got a family vid call in a bit which promises to be an… experience.

Yes man! The last album I’m Bad is killer too

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Had tuna steaks with wedges and a mountain of blitzed up parsely garlicky peas.

Verdict: too many peas.

made my 2nd quiche of the week


What is … any amount of peas at all?


might crack a beer


dont even need to click to know who liked this post

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that is fucking filthy

Gonna watch James Corden in Two Guvnors, not sure why.

Will see how long I last.

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You dirty bastard

A+ effort

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