Evening thread of dread

Not had flu this bad before :sob: can barely move.

Please tell me what you’re up to tonight.

Anyone reading anything good at the moment?

What’s for dinner?

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Reading this. It’s good.

Second half of the footy is about to start. Hopefully less dreadful than the first


At a little gallery opening, was fine, having a free Peroni now

I’m a bit disappointed in my current book, great cover and subject but the actual writing doesn’t sort of … cohere? Creatures of Passage is the name anyway

Maybe street food on the way home - bao buns hopefully

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Poker night round Boop HQ


4h5m of work left. Dunno what to have for dinner. What an enlightening post

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Evening DiS,

Whatever was wrong with me is as good as gone, just a headache now, which is quite the turnaround from going to bed at 5pm yesterday and throwing up.

GWS @Scout ! Bodies are incredible things and I’m sure you will recover soon

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Evening all!

My working day felt like a decent bit of reset time - marked a report, complained about a student, make some resources and taught a class with them. I had a union interview after work about an issue that probably won’t become interesting but which gets more and more complicated every time I talk to them. I still don’t know where I’m teaching tomorrow afternoon but I’m trying not to worry about it because I’ve tried to get someone to tell me.

Reading Miriam Margoyles’ autobiography, so far so good but only 1 chapter in

Should be going to yoga but we are getting a takeaway instead as we are so very tired

Imagine it’ll be some internet, bit of Ted Lasso, in bed by 9 all being well

Feel better soon lovely! Meta tonic is good for boosting you back up xx


Made some pretty banging noodles

Absolute c**t of a week so far. Very stressed. Anyhoo, havjng a wee drink and listening to some music to take my mind of it all.
Get well soon @Scout

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Night in with the #lads as wife gone out for a curry :sob: Should have them in bed by now but they keep on asking for one more episode of Ben10 and that’s easier than getting them in bed.
After that probs watch the wire, bid on shite I don’t need on eBay, drink whisky cola and vape.

Had a MyProtein chicken tikka ready meal. Was surprisingly nice but a small portion. Should have got two.

One of the Young Fathers is here


Am ill but nowhere near as bad as flu so won’t complain too much. Missing seeing Florist tonight as part of Project Go To More Gigs. Frozen pizza for tea.

Ate pizza for dinner and gonna go see Self Esteem again, just like most of the time.



Had a very late lunch/early dinner of tacos (and a pint) while we were out

That was about 4pm, so might need a coupla rounds of toast before bed.

I will be spending the evening watching Married at First Sight followed by The Apprentice.


Annoyed that I’ll miss The Dragons and The Apprentice because of the Arsenal game.

I feel like Self Esteem needs a “queen of our hearts”-style moniker


Evening. Dinner was aloo dum, dal makhani and some rice. Decent for an in-flight meal.

Got back to the hotel at midnight and fuck me it was a joy to take my shoes off 19 hours after putting them on.

1am now, need to be up at 7, get packed, out the door by 9, working all day, get to the airport at 6, 930pm flight to Dubai, 7 hours to kill in the airport, then a 7 hour flight to Newcastle. Tired just thinking about it esp after a 19 hr day today.

Still, reckon I’ll have a masala dosa for breakfast, so that’s good.