Evening thread of dread

Evening :wave:

Dinner was the leftover chicken cacciatore with orzo that we made last night, with garlic bread.

Am not reading anything at the moment - got a bit of reader’s block.

Gonna watch some Seinfeld and sit on my lovely comfy sofa

Me too! About halfway through and it’s pretty funny.

Watching a bit of darts right now though.

GWS @Scout

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Almost fell out of the boom lift bucket about 60 feet up today when the hydraulic hose snapped, dropping me about 15 feet fast. That’s why you wear your harness and lanyard folks.


Had a really fucking nice day today and that feels like the first time in a long time I’ve felt that.


Wo. Bet that got the heart racing

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More pissed I told my boss about it, now I have to do a safety near loss share.

borritos for tea. Apprentice for telly.

restrung the ol’ g-tar.

Sorry @Scout - I forgot the rest of your questions.

Plans: None; maybe watch Sound of Metal if The Child goes to bed in a reasonable time.

Reading: The Little History of The World. My FIL loaned it to me and said it was very interesting. It’s a world history told from an almost-exclusively European POV aimed at children. The narrative style is very Chronicles of Narnia. Not entirely uninteresting but I’m not enjoying it. Most of my TBR shelf is stuff I’ve acquired but don’t want to read and I’m just slogging through it to justify buying more booking. Next on the pile is The Cone Gatherers by Robin Jenkins that everyone at the other campus is teaching for Higher English and I’ve never read.One of them described it as a Scottish Of Mice and Men but nowhere as good, so I don’t have high hopes.

Tea: Spiced lentil pie with scalloped potatoes. The lentils were excellent but the potatoes were a little bit al dente.

GWS lovely @Scout

I went to watch Meet me in the Bathroom which was excellent and now I feel like I need to get back to the much cooler version of myself that I was at that time.


Been off on strike for two days, but ill anyway so feels a bit wasted when I had grand ambitions to go out for a lovely walk, play guitar all day etc

Feels so pointless going in for one day tomorrow

I was going to go see that tomorrow night as i fancy a cinema trip. Hoping for a miraculous recovery :pray:


Watched two documentaries lately featuring that pie and mash shop on Hoxton Rd. Must be a sign i need pie.


What were they? I remember it being in The Street and then I saw the Brexiteer owner appear on something else but can’t remember what it was.


I don’t have anything planned other than shower and then eat dinner so will probably play stardew valley after I’ve done that. I haven’t even decided for certain what’s for dinner yet. Probably some beef stew out of the freezer

gws scouty

gonna do the semi-annual massive online shop and fill up the cupboards/freezer etc, looking very very bare and we’ve cancelled the veg box (too much root veg, sick of it)

Ello all. Shitter of a day at work, I swear our MD hires IT subcontractors from a dodgy office/lockup down The Barras then leaves the likes of me to sort out the resultant chaos and incompetence. Making spag bol for the rest of the week, then fajitas for tonight. Drinking Innis & Gunn, listening to The Verve - A Northern Soul. Might even have some whisky later

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Oh man, toast is so good.


Yeah The Street, but the other thing was a a short by Joris Lechene that i can’t seem to find

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Absolutely exhausted and feel like poop again. Put together another bedside table after tea (chicken burgers & chips) and now it’s the apprentice and some m&ms and then maybe a couple of diazepam as a bedtime treat.

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Always ready for bed by 9pm these days. So sleepy :sleeping:

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