Evening thread of dread

I’ve recently took the decision to standardise my Tupperware to (mostly) just have 1 kind that holds one portion.


Just dropped a stew covered spoon on the floor, catapulting fragments of stew all over the floor and my tracksuit bottoms


Oh my god, my phone is controlling the volume of my headphones, and even which song is being played. Tried all sorts to sort it and can’t figure it out. Well annoying

Our tupperware is 90% chinese takeaway containers and I’m too a. dedicated to the concept of reduce reuse recycle, and b. stingy to replace them

Even by my standards that’s a late meal

This is what happens when my boyfriend sorts his own dinner, without the pressure of him being hungry I faff around too much and end up eating at 10pm

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Yeah we’ve got those. I use them for heating beans up in the microwave as they can be held after heating unlike ceramic bowls which heat to about a thousand degrees and require a teatowel which then gets beans on it when you try to pour them on your toast

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I mean with the pressure of a hungry flatmate I still regularly serve after 9 so, no position to judge

Watched the last two of the Guillermo del Toro Netflix thing. Very strong closers!

Also feeling a bit cheerier because my twisted shoulder seems to be getting a bit better slowly (also I get to work from wfh tomorrow against my original expectations)

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Same and it’s a source of disagreements with my boyfriend. I just have no ability to determine how long anything’s going to take and no urgency about eating early

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Unless I explicitly make myself sort dinner straight after work, I end up eating at 9.30-10pm without fail

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It’s not even good stew


Never read it (read a fuckload of essays about it though) but i love the changeling by the same fella.

Oh Christ the Cone Gatherers was a big one for us to read at school, most of us hated it so any chat in class was fucked from the start


Yeah 9:40 is my choc cut off

Bedtime. Looking forward to more toast for breakfast.

Good reminder, we had two more to go! On number 7 now, very Drive-y

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I had a couple of the kids plus their respective love interests round for dinner, then we went and had a pint at the pub

I’ve just watched the apprentice, now doing MAFS plus ice cream and tea


Already excited about having pizza for tea tomorrow.

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Fucking yes

This guy is doing his citizen test live on tiktok so we give him the right answers. This is genius level social media usage