Evening Thread Of Mild Creative Paralysis

How are you all? I’m acutely aware that the longer I take to type this, the greater the risk of someone else posting an evening thread. And yet here I am still typing. Typical CCB devil-may-care attitude. Come at me, rival thread creators.

Anyway that’ll do. It’s Wednesday evening! Tell me all about your day and your evening to come.


Quick run, bit of dinner, football on the telly, shower, read, bed

Vaguely contemplating doing a big tidy of the basement as it’s been a dumping ground since we moved in 16 months ago. Will probs just play vidya instead.

Misread this as


Posting on the toilet as it so happens

Day was exhausting

Have two chances left to see Eighth Grade - tonight at 8:30, or tomorrow at 8:30. Tonight works better cos Friday is a :man_running: morning but, again - today was exhausting.

Noticed Sharp Objects is back on Now TV. Only saw the first episode when it was on there last year, looking forward to going back to that. Amy Adams is so gr8.

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bit late and wet for tennis but apparently going anyway. Maybe get what 45 mins light?

I made a really boring stir fry just now. It seemed very bland so I covered it in Sirracha and it just tasted of bland Sirracha.

I’m playing football in a bit.

You got lucky due to me going through a long tunnel.

What did I say in the other thread? On another train, not getting home till midnight, had chicken satay at Leon (nice) going to try to watch the football if the internet allows it.

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Evening all.

Got the ruddy wrong train home again, adding an extra hour to my journey. Bought some beers to cheer me up, gonna have those and try and write a festival preview I’ve been putting off then mess around with some music. Or maybe just see how many more sauce puns I can make in the Radiothread.

Hope you’re all well x

Hello ccb et al. Congrats on posting the evening thread unopposed, really proud of you champ*

Just back from the Don McCullin exhibition at Tate Britain - some powerful photography, that man has seen some things. Gonna take it easy tonight with a pizza and the Barca game.

*ffs just seen laef’s thread :roll_eyes:


might get 90 mins then! I’m a bit too fat and lazy for playing properly now but there’s 3 of us so we’ll just rotate on and off

Are you trying to rival @Avery

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Oh does anyone want to play that game they have on HIGNFY?



I wasn’t but now I am. I WILL CRUSH YOU AVERY.

Oh dear you’re going to get trains wrong a lot

Pete Doherty





Very droll