Evening Thread Of Mild Creative Paralysis

A discarded copy of Ok Computer


In all likelihood my future already contained a fair bit of that tbf

Just had pork Carnitas for tea. Been slow cooking it since this morning and it was fucking delicious. Had a very productive day around the house and we’ve started watching Men Behaving Badly on Netflix so will just do more of that and drink some Dr Pepper.

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I’m really tired and forgot to grease the baking tin before putting in my banana bread mix (none of that was a euphemism). It’s supposedly a non-stick loaf tin, but…

How fucked is my banana bread

  • It’ll be fine, greasing loaf tins is a lie propagated by Big Butter
  • sucks air through teeth
  • Totally fucked. Might as well chuck the whole thing in the bin now, save yourself the hassle.

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@guntrip wins!

It’s cocaine. Apparently traces of the drug have been found in shrimp in all major rivers. Didn’t know that Prawn Cocktail was still popular as a dinner party starter?

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Have you got a silicone spatula? personal question I know. I reckon with a bit of care you could rescue it.

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still the appetiser of choice in the CCB household, I take it?

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which one? (the venue)

:+1:Booked and paid for a little 4night stay in Bridport in June
:-1:Have training for work in Cheltenham in the middle of it that I can’t cancel, so can’t go
Ffs mate!

Big Butter

Imagine a bovine hoof stamping on a human face, forever.


I like big butter, I cannot lie.


blimey, is that still open? used to live round the corner from there when i was a kid and was a real dump back then.

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Oh no, it butter not churn into one of those threads


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hey DiS

anyone know of any cool and good snacks and drinks to nibble/sip whilst I write this really long essay? : P

Mac cheese done.

Waiting on the football. Course tomorrow so no work to do which is great.


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remember going to that petrol station nearby to buy juicy fruit gum sometimes.