Evening Thread Of Mild Creative Paralysis

Thanks for clarifying.

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realized snyders are like very very very slightly too vinegary. upsetting.

Done Flymo’d the garden. Sorted issue 1 of the gas saga. Now cooking up some chicken fajitas with some beer wanker beer.

It’s not quite 7am here and the sun’s getting its act together on the horizon. Had a crazy drive in the dark to get here yesterday evening but the view from bed is making it feel worth it:


I’m a genius sometimes


On the way to town to let a band into our practice space. Might walk back and have a can on the way.


Literally the only passenger on the bus!


It’s a great show

ur posts are too vinegary m9

Hey everyone

Shitty day but I’m on my 2nd beer and starting to care a bit less.

My son has Bojack on which is good

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Aye. Rewatched the first episode, gonna go for the second one now and see the film tomorrow. Had totally forgotten about all the words on her skin at the end??!

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SUCK IT, @anon19035908


This is the nicest photo of food you’ve ever taken. Looks peng.


You’ve spilled some crumbs on the side YOU CLOD!

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On hold for gas conversation part 2. Half way through my dinner ffs

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Don’t worry, I’ll eat those later.

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are they pretzels? i couldnt find any sadly but i did go for regular old penn state ones


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Spent the evening watching Brass Eye outtakes in a cinema sat a row or two behind yer man Stewart Lee

Can’t believe how much work went into making that show

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A brilliant day full of wonderful sights and food and company, we even met an Australian in a hostel that didn’t do my head in.

Tomorrow we are getting our hire car and driving to the desert, I am quite scared as I haven’t driven in two years and I’ve only driven on the right side of the road once. And it’s quite busy here.

Excited for tomorrow so much, sleeping in the desert under the stars. I’ve never seen the stars with much clarity, closest was in rural Ireland, I’m convinced it’s going to be a big moment for me and I’m definitely going to cry. Has been something I’m dreamt of since I was a young kid.

Diary entry over


i sat through a 3hr meeting this morning with difficulty, then went to wfh and got progressively iller. think i’ve got tonsillitis. hoping it’s viral and fucks off by itself. i think i’m going to have to call in sick tomorrow though and that means a load of admin hassle