Evening thread of sorts

Last night I thought, I’d really wish I’d find a fossil once in my life, and today I went into the garden and saw a piece of slate I’d never seen before and look…

I swear this sort of stuff happens to me all the time, to the point I don’t even tell people for fear of coming off like a weirdo, but it never happens with anything significant like a lottery win.

Huh. Well, anyway. This is the evening thread, but it can also be the fossil thread, or thread for deja by or presque vu or any vus such as vuvuzelas perhaps, or whatever.


I have cursed the evening thread

Hi Scout! Hi Scout’s whirly thing!

Fossilised boobs.


Wow! Maybe you’ll see some in real life someday.


A pair will sprout up in his garden overnight

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After being very bored and fed up this morning had a very lovely day in the sunshine playing frisbee golf with laika and japes and then got this beast

Might be a bit sun burnt now


What the holy fuck is the loop?

Giant churro dipped in chocolate and crushed Oreos

Ice cream is raspberry ripple and tablet


Holy fucking kermit I need this in my life so much

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Can the next dis meat be at that place?


It can, although we queued for about half an hour just to get in

Next Glasgow meat is going to be frisbee golf and a bag of cans. Churros afterwards.




Honestly thought that was a horse shoe.

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Good evening.

Met gf in the park, been throwing the ball for her dog relentlessly for a good portion of the last 4 hours.

Got some ice lollies on the way home.


Were you as surprised by the complete 180 change in weather as we were?

Yeah though I’d seen it was gonna be quite warm, so was in shorts and T-shirt anyway, but was expecting to need raincoat for either rain or wind at some point

Gf was more caught out as wore jeans.

Just having an orange and mango juice with tonic, thinking of banging a tequila in there.

  • Yeah youre off tomorrow.
  • Tequila sometimes gives you heartburn and youre gonna have your tea soon.

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Maybe something other than tequila?

Alright? Quite liking these weekend evening threads. Got a meatless roast cooking, gonna eat that then read I think. So very tired. Got a nice cider shandy on the go though @kermitwormit