Evening thread of the Wednesday

I don’t usually create threads, but I’m meeting @rich-t for drinks, so I think that’s worthy.

Walked over 20k steps so far today.

What is everyone up to?


Absolutely fucking shattered. It’s been a long week. Going to go for a walk and pick up something easy for tea then maybe go to bed.

Just taken the dog to the royal horticultural gardens in the most middle class hour of my life


Hot dogs for tea, I reckon.

I’m at the Chinese

Shit day, tired out. Got a big burger and chips from the chippy for tea and gonna watch some more Wire I reckon.


What you getting?

Crispy wan ton
Fried chicken in hot peking sauce
Fried rice

Didn’t get out today due to Argos failing at delivery times again.

Just had a very average ‘Korean’ pork dish from Hello Fresh, at least it was a cheap offer. Going to improve things with a river walk followed by some Severance and then back to my book.

Oh it’s raining. Fuck going out then.

Flat to myself for a bit, no idea what to eat. Maybe just an oven pizza or some chicken based attachment. Stirring up a new to me (I think?) cocktail though, so that’s nice

Probs watch some Bear and make some plans for the next few weeks

Listening to some fun home invasion podcast too on the rec of @Witches

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Hey up!

Bit of jollof rice for tea in a bit

Watch some telly and read my book with some salted caramel nibbles after that


Work has been an absolute fucker this week. September is definitely the worst work month of the year.

Evening all!

I’m only three weeks into my teaching year and I already can’t be bothered with any more of them.

I made a pumpkin/ lentil curry for tea that ended up a bit bland, mainly because wasn’t concentrating when I started measuring things. It might be better tomorrow though.

I think Wor Lass is doing bedtime tonight and then hopefully the second half (3/4) of the Bond film.

I can confirm it is raining here.

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Liked for the second half of that statement.

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Just thrown some dinner down my throat. Off out the door in a sec to meet @ynot for a couple of beers. Got a nice day planned tomorrow, so looking forward to that


Just got a call from a mobile number I didn’t recognise, and no reply when I answered

H8 that

I am le hungry. What should I eat

  • Go out in the rain to the shop and get stuff for tea
  • Get a probably disappointing takeaway, it’s raining!
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