Evening thread of the Wednesday

If both options are likely to be less than excellent, at least a walk to the shops will include exercise.

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Made a friend


This would legit be banging tbf. Not sure of a kebab shop round here tho

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I’m just the ideas man, sorry.

Cheers @Kallgeese pizza ordered!

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If I had any energy I would make one at home
But I don’t

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Ducks sake want a kebab now

No kebab places within deliveroo distance, if not immediately nearby?

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today in job hunting…

‘help McDonald’s understand the culture of fried chicken.’


Gone with chicken wrap and chips and chicken poppers

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The lads sent me two pizzas so I’ve stuck the other one in the fridge. Will no doubt have it in the oven later.


Do i have the job for you!


Got to the gig and doors arent open despite it saying they opened 45 mins ago so gone for a pint elsewhere and loads of people are doing a scavenger hunt which is confusing me and someone on a nearby table has the EXACT same voice as a friend and I can’t place who it is. Need more pints if this is carrying on

Did you go to the right door?

Random dinner ahoy


No it was on the left of the building

You should have went to the other one.

D’oh! What a rodney plonker!

Flu jag appointment was running 40 minutes behind, so used that time to go look at the rabbits and guinea pigs in the pet shop, touch a (non-pet shop) cat, and go to Asda to get a cherry pie, custard, and a jam roly poly pudding for the fridge. Also shower gel because I had to wash myself with beard shampoo this morning.

Then of course it was too late to get started on dinner so I was forced - FORCED - to stop at the chippy on the way home.

10/10 flu jag experience, would jag again


Watching Ahsoka
Have to finish preparing for a Star Wars RPG I’m GMing tomorrow
Then Starfield

SPAAAAACE :rocket: