Evening thread of Theo getting buggered by autocorrect


My bf just came through the front door and the cat was in the bedroom being cute and I was in the living room on the beanbag being cute and he acted really torn between who to hug first :couple::kissing_cat:

(the cat came through to the living room and we all united as a family)



Awwwwwwwww! That’s 10/10 cute. I’m gonna smooch my TV’s face off when I get home tonight, think I’ll be home after them.

Wish I could have a kitten [orville] but I can’t [/orville]

Just about to go watch Star Wars.



Trying to wake her up




just found out I need to get three academic references within a month (academics will baulk at being asked to do this over the holidays)… hopefully not gonna wreck my plans for the next three years/my career lol.


Back at my parents. They’ve got a new dog and I’m currently hugging him on the sofa.



Evening Dee Bee. I too will be in a catch 22 when watching Alan Titchmarsh with my wife tonight. Don’t make me chooooooooose!


that monkey does not look comfortable


I can do one. Dunno what you’re studying. Just write down “Drs 29 and Epimer reckon my stuff is like well good, and totally back it”

Can’t go wrong! :+1: :+1:


Oh man, I can’t wait to see my cat over New Year. Can we see some pics chief?


Excellent time for a nap. Might as well cancel bedtime for tonight huh?


Going to try and buy two things on the way home from work:

Turkey crown
GAP dressing gown

First I am optimistic about finding in Waitrose. Second I am not sure about finding in GAP, but Mrs HYG has asked for one for Christmas so I here’s hoping.


bit early for an evening thread but i’ll let it slide. gonna eat some pasta and watch masterchef. that’s about it.


:crying_cat_face: that’s the nicest thing i’ve heard all week



It’s an ape not a monkey, but you are right, it is squashed!


was watching yorkshire vet a while back and a cat had accidentally drunk antifreeze and they had no pure alcohol so they set it up on a vodka IV. was quite something.


She’s awake and we’ll see how late it is tonight. sigh


Just about to eat dinner in the office before heading off to go to WiFi Wars with my brother and his girlfriend, who are then staying over at ours - the first people to do so since we moved in.

I got a bit stressed out clearing the spare room and setting everything up last night, but it looked really cosy with folded towels at the foot of the bed.


hi everyone