Evening thread of this evening

Hi, I am starting the evening thread because I need to tell you all that my little sister is currently reading Seal Team (a crap TV show starring David Boreanaz and, according to G “more importantly, Max Thieriot” ) fanfiction :joy:

How’s your evening?
What’s for dinner?


SIX edits?!


@avery is making us chicken tinga tacos :taco:

oh gnome I can’t believe it


what do I do with my lifeless thread


Met this chill AF gbol earlier

Chill AF


Had a crap work day with 150 email catch up after two day’s off and four different projects insisting that they were my priority and I absolutely had to do their work immediately. Still working.

Made some quesadilla/pizza things with hot dogs like an absolute child but I don’t care :woman_shrugging:

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wish I could get drunk but I have to ration my 2 beers

I have eaten quite badly today, I mean lunch was some kettle chips and oreos washed down with diet orangina. Gonna make a salad or something and go for a walk when my phone charges more

Had a meeting eher we watched a webinar where the woman showed us some text in French about Blackpool and then asked how we’d feel about having to read it as that’s what kids to can’t access texts feel like.
Spent the rest of the meeting desperate to ask someone/anyone if they’d been taken up Blackpool tower but had to wait to get here for it to be appreciated.

Anyway. Onnnneeee mooorree day and it’s half term

Chips for tea, Cornetto for afters and bake off at 8.


:scream::scream: jfc

Also shit work day, but mainly cos it seems like I am actually doing a good amount of stuff every day noW but not making any actual progress? Hmm weird bad feeling go away

Baking Off and taking away for the evening. Friends invited me to go away for the American election for a few days and on one hand getting to go ANYWHERE would be great. But in the other … idek making decisions stresses me out so much lately, just not sure it’s actually worth the effort to make it happen

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Still working as had to spend too long dealing with car stuff today. Think my bf is expecting me to cook dinner and I really don’t want to.


Thanks for reminding me about bake off!

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Bless you


Today can do one. Eating escalopes for tea, watching gabbo and then fucking off to bed.

Just had my dinner of chicken wraps.
Gonna watch Man Utd play PSG in a while.


Quiche and chips for dinner.

Need to sort the recycling in a bit, and the one highlight of my day - my fresh coffee delivery - has just happened. I might buy a microphone for my computer later.

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