Evening thread on the first tues in july


Was freezing when i got to london: jacketless. Just outsmarted the weather by digging out my london-dwelling cardigan: absolutely heckin’ roasting arent i lads?

There’s no outsmarting london climes.

Off for a cheeky marg with a hottie before seeing Anohni - what a dreamy scenario



Hiya malva

Been dentist. Wasn’t horrendous at all. Lucky lad. Then taken the kids out for pizza. So had pizza for tea.


Evenin all

Think I’ve only ever eaten it maybe half a dozen times in my life but I had a weird craving for risotto yesterday. So I just made myself a leek risotto for tea. Got a load left for lunch tomorrow, after which I’ll probably not consider it again for another 5 years.

Watching football.

Will be an early night as I’m back at the train driving factory at some ungodly hour in the morning.

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Got to go and finish the washing up and wish to one day have a dishwasher

I have to go to the office for THREE HOURS tomorrow. Going to make one of those hours my lunch break though

Had a recovery bath - feel recovered

Easy dinner, some Glasto catch up, The Wire, cry about going back to work (briefly)



Wanna go shoot some hoops but the only one around to shoot hoops with is my eldest & she seems to be fully preoccupied with whatever she’s watching on her phone

Might shoots some hoops alone I guess

Evening all :wave:

Just in the gym, then heading home, having a shower, eating Ottolenghi tomato linguine, then not much else.

Feeling pretty “on edge”, like I’ve not cracked yet but I know I’m exhausted and easily upset. Feel like I’m putting a lot of effort into work but it’s sort-of going into a vacuum.

Managed a bit of food but still feel crap. Decided to treat myself to a ticket to American Football, because these album shows have been great.

Will watch the football before moving onto CSI and hopefully all the sleep.

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Kiddo still has chicken pox, feels a bit like lockdown because we can’t really go anywhere and he’s not interested in the garden.

Had a shit day sorting out rescheduling flights with BA but a really great day lining up some projects for freelancing when I get back in August. Really excited about that.

My phone reminded me of this day

When my friend’s kid found these penis sequins and collected them, calling them hearts with arrows :sob: her mum and I were in actual tears


Dr Mrs Epimer has gone out for a walk. She has been instructed to get snacks from the corner shop. Which of these will she get me:

  • Boost
  • Double decker
  • Fry’s chocolate cream
  • Fry’s orange cream
  • Fry’s mint cream
  • A weird cake
  • A novelty vegetable
  • Nothing
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Just an exhausting day even though we got shot of the kids for a few hours.

Fitted some door handles. Just 8 more to go :cry: Got rid of loads of stuff at the tip. Woman came round to fleece us for blinds - we had briefly considered shutters for at least two of the windows but holy fuck they’re procey. Then tried to choose tiles and floors and all sorts for bathrooms. We picked a tile but think it might make the bathroom a bit busy and dark. Find this sort of stuff very stressful especially when combined with my picky and indecisive wife. Then bathroom man was back and we had to stump up more cash for mirrors that he forgot to include yesterday.

Then the revenge bairn had another enormous tantrum.

@shinymcshine wins!

The weird cake is a Bakewell tart that is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever eaten. I’m enjoying it.



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I shot some hoops alone

Who won?

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The Ultimate Fighter Sport GIF by UFC

a podcast episode coming up in my subscriptions all about House of Leaves and going wider into ergodic literature, hypertext literature, transmedia works, etc. has been absolute catnip for ole Mancho this evening


Striking Down Yr Big Premiere by Ryley Walker :heart: :heart:

Day late, oooops :slightly_smiling_face: